Q&A: I’m about to go to go on vacation to Grand Bahama, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. Where should I SCUBA?

Question by renman: I’m about to go to go on vacation to Grand Bahama, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. Where should I SCUBA?
My vacation starts the first week in July. Where should I SCUBA dive (specifically) and with which companies? Grand Cayman and Cozumel I only have one day (as a port of call from my cruise). I have 4 days on Grand Bahama so several spots would be great. Give me as much info as you have…

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Answer by navyhm1983
ALL that is it !!! There is one thing about the caribbean and that is the water !!!

You can see 90 feet down and look at the things on the bottom. The water is just that clear.

The Fish, coral, etc. It’s like being in an aquarium.


The barracuda are plentiful and do not bother you because they know that you are way to big for them to eat.

BUT. if they see that little something shiney with you they will go for it.


The food they normally eat (fish) are small and shiney. They don’t know the difference between a shiney ring or a shiney fish…

And the cuda’s are extremely fast. you won’t even see them and then they are there.

I have pictures of them as they swam with us. and they are awesome…

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  • Paige says:

    Grand Caymen is beautiful. You can swim w/ the stingrays.
    You take a yacht out to the location, which is about a 15 – 20 minute beautiful ride/// where you get off the boat and are surrounded by these big stingrays…they are scary at first,,,but are so graceful after you get use to them.. they are like pets,,they even will slowly follow you..
    At the time my son was 6, and didn’t take to them,, so I went back on the yacht and watched from above,,which was just as fun.. so if you have an older traveler or handicapp that just want to watch//then they could come along too.

    You can go to Chankaunabb Lagoon State Park.
    They rent snorkel equipment. have food, thatched roof huts to lay under, dolphins to swim w/ for a fee of 100.00/

    You will want to plan to stay all day because it does cost a fee that was over 25.00 a piece. (when we first started going about 7 yrs ago,, it only cost 7.00.

    The taxi ride was 15.00 each way.

    Scuba: There is something called the “great wall?” don’t quote me,, but it is suppose to be the best //it may be in the Caymens?? or i may have just made that up..
    but the cruise ship will know.
    Be sure and take your course in your hometown and not on the ship/// it is just a short crash course and i don’t believe you would know enough info if an emergency came up… alot of these companies are in it for the money only.. and if u take one w/ the cruise ships at least you know they are bonded per say.

    You can also snorkel in Chankaunnab state park… they have the most beautiful fish ..and you have the lagoon on one side,,which is very small and for looks, but you can scuba dive right out in the carribean. you will be able to see your boat docked too

  • groverraj says:

    I am assuming you are a certified diver and are going on a cruise.

    Go to http://www.padi.com. They have listings of all dive operators everywhere, with links to their websites so you can send email and get prices beforehand.

    When I went on my last cruise, I booked all my diving in advance and arranged for pickup & dropoff… saving $ 100’s of dollars over ehat teh cruise companies were charging.

    Basically u can do a 2-tank dive at Grand Cayman (I liked Eden Rock) and Cozumel. Cozumel is mainly drift diving, so hopefully you have an advanced certification.

    Check up on Shark diving at Bahamas.

  • viennagirl says:

    Ive only been diving in the Grand Cayman outta your choises. All of them were threw the hotel I was staying at. One place that I really loved was diving at a wreck, oro verde north. another place I wanted to dive was at cemetery wall.

    Here is the Cayman site that has all the dive sites and the information about each dive site.

  • nahunscott says:

    Well i am a padi certified here in the grand cayman.. Well i recomend you the Grand Cayman for scuba diving. If anything let me know..

  • johnrklinger says:

    In Cozumel, there are about 75 dive operators. I would avoid going with the cruise line dive op, they tend to be cattle boats. Here are the dive shops most recommended. Eagle Ray divers, Dive with Martin, Dive with Allison. They all operate small boats out of the same marina. Eagle ray will also take snorklers. I dove with eagle ray last november and had a real nice time. We did 3 tanks ranging from 80ft up to 40 feet. In GC, you can eithor shore dive or dive from a boat. I dove with neptune divers which is a popular choice with cruise ship divers. They usually do a combo of a reef and a wreck. They also have small boats with only a few divers. They pick you up right on the beach at sea grape beach which is a $ 4 bus trip from the cruise ship pier. I dove with them last nov and enjoyed it.

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