Going to Grand Bahama Island – any advice?

Question by brianwsmith: Going to Grand Bahama Island – any advice?
My fiancé and I will be going to Freeport, Bahama for our honeymoon next year. Does anyone have any suggestions on things to do, places to visit, restaurants, etc?

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Answer by David W
Sunscreen. Buy all-inclusive and don’t worry about the other stuff.

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  • whatdoiknow says:

    If you don’t buy all inclusive, bring lots of money. The food is outrageously priced!!!!

  • lonzo l234567 says:

    say hi to Stella

  • sportie_kindofguy says:

    havent been there for 11 years but just enjoy. If the food hasnt changed any you may want to take things you like to eat.i couldnt find any coffee other than instant. Other than that its beautiful , the people were funand I enjoyed it very much. Have a wonderful vacation. You will find almost everything to do. casinos snorkling under water little subs. handgliding etc.

  • justthisonce says:

    I’ve never been there, but I have been to the Bahamas, and the most important thing I brought was sunscreen – SPF 50 or higher!!! Trust me!!

  • Vix says:

    Why don’t you try something different for a change and go somewhere where many american honey mooners don’t go. It’s gotta be so boring to see tons of american tourists, try something more romantic. Maybe Italy that’s not as common, there’s so much more to see and the beaches don’t have sharks. Also if you are female you can sunbathe topless, that sounds like a much better honey moon.

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