I love site seeing…where should I go? Freeport Grand Bahama Island or Nassau?

Question by Alexandra: I love site seeing…where should I go? Freeport Grand Bahama Island or Nassau?
And what is there to see there? thanks
site seeings as in pretty cities, gardens, structures etc

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Answer by chumy
Freeport Grand Bahamas, beaches and its very tropical

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  • Omgitzsam says:

    Well I went to Nassau on a cruise a few years ago, from what I saw, it was really cool. We went pretty far out for a dolphin encounter, but yeah. I have no idea…

  • MHS says:

    I recommend to a school of some sort to learn how to spell ‘sight.’ That was rude, but please use proper spelling.
    In all seriousness, I recommend Nassau if you are looking for mainstream attractions but there are better, less well known sights elsewhere. It all depends on what you like.

  • Adel says:

    I live in the Bahamas and never been Freeport. I heard that there is allot of site seeing. There is also allot of site seeing in Nassau. I would go to Nassau over Freeport. I can’t really say. But you will have more to do in Nassau. There is way more nightlife and activities. Also Nassau has tons of statues and is a very pretty city, lots of gardens, and lots of stores. Freeport is more just for beaches.

    Good Luck.

  • ♥sчdnєч says:

    Freeport definitely because there actually alot to see, personally i think Nassau is a mini american island so theres not alot of Bahamian culture except for the pirate museum and the fort. but freeport you can drive from west end of the island to the east end of the island. you can go to grarden of the groves, luacayan national park to go see the native animals plus go kayaking. theres port lucaya more of the night life seen. then you have the straw markets and all the nicerestaurantss and food. plus you can go swimming with the dolphins at the dolphinexperiencee

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