Q&A: Should I go to puerto Rico or bahamas?

Question by : Should I go to puerto Rico or bahamas?
I am wanting to go to the Caribbean during spring break to relax. I have found a deal for puerto Rico and the grand bahama island. Which is prettier and has better culture and things to do puerto Rico (hotel is in the fajardo area) or grand Bahama island. Nice beaches are also a plus

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  • ImaHarper says:

    I’d go to Puerto Rico. The bioluminescent bay near there is amazing & the beaches are lovely, especially the ones on Vieques, which is just a short ferry ride away.
    Most of the cultural activities are about 1 hour away in San Juan

  • ? says:

    Most of the Caribbean islands don’t want the SPRING BREAKER TRASH.. They are too IMMATURE and too YOUNG.. all they want to do is DRINK and raise hell, so they are more trouble than they are worth. Besides that, you need to be 21 or be WITH someone 21 and have a MAJOR CREDIT CARD.. they don’t rent out rooms to CHILDREN and they don’t take DEBIT cards.

    Your best bet is either Jamaica or MEXICO.. both of those destinations are happy to take in the spring breaker crowds. Just don’t come to St. Lucia because we don’t need your kind here.

  • Prieta says:

    Defently puerto rico there’s a big jungle where you can go on top and see everything and a lot of good food… but. Bahamas are also a plus lol so idk but… whatever is in ur heart =)

  • GemIrfan says:

    I like Bahamas.

  • JerichoX says:

    go to PR

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