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Grand Bahamas Island: Pelican Point Coconut Festival is TODAY !

The people of the Bahamas are celebrating their 14th century, with the 14th Annual Coconut Festival, which begins on April 9. There will be many events celebrating Bahamian culture, cuisine, and centuries’ old social traditions.

Scheduled for April 9th 2012 and locally celebrated as Pelican Point’s Homecoming Festival, family friends and guests will descend upon the small seaside village to a feast of coconut dishes such as coconut jimmy, coconut shrimp, barbecue ribs with coconut sauce, coconut rice, coconut tart, and more, as well as a variety of coconut beverages including the famous Bahamian drink gully wash – made of coconut water.

The Grand Bahama Royal Bahamas Police Force ‘Pop Band’ and other A-list Bahamian entertainers will perform throughout the day, and event-goers will participate in uniquely coconut games and fun activities such as coconut eating and barking contests.  Coconut shell crafts and souvenirs such as jams, soap, coconut-scented candles, etc., will also be available.

The Pelican Point community comprised of less than one hundred residents is located thirty-five miles east of Freeport/Lucaya and remains populated by descendants of the original residents to this day.  The organizing committee headed by members of the Thomas, Laing, Roberts and Cooper families, in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism and corporate sponsors, are committed to keeping their ancient traditions alive.

Miss Grand Bahama 2012 Contestants Unveiled

Back 3: Mone’t Johnson, Miss Grand bahama, Christen Barrow. Middle 2: Carlene Johnson and Gabriel Wong. Front 3: Andria Miller, Kristi Farah and Abilene Jones Photo: Freecity TV

Freeport, Bahamas – It was a night of mystique, wonder, beauty, intelligent and poise as the 2012 Miss Grand Bahama contestant were unveiled on April 6th at Sabor Restaurant and Bar at the Pelican Bay Hotel in Freeport.

Under the theme, “Mystical Wonders of  Grand Bahama”, the contestants started the show with brightly coloured swimsuits from the Colors of the Caribbean.  The audience enjoyed the beautiful pastel colors of the summer dresses from Transition Clothing store as each contestant introduced themselves to the audience and answered a question from the event hostesses, Miss Earth Bahamas 2011, Kerel Pinder and Dr. Gwendolyn Rolle of  BTVI College.

This year’s contestants are Gabrielle Wong sponsored by TurnIng Bar, Abilene Jones sponsored by Lneliba, Carlene Johnsonsponsored by Ocean Reef Resorts, Miss Grand Bahama 2011 Keriann Stuart, Mone’t Johnson sponsored by Sawyers Fresh Market,Kristi Farah sponsored by Bella Rose, Christen Barrow sponsored by Alvernia Foods (Cat Island), and Andria Miller sponsored by Pier 1 Restaurant.

Organization would like to to offer their thanks  to the event sponsor, Pelican Bay Hotel, thanking Della Bridgewater and staff for there support.

With the competition underway, we are all wondering who will be the  2012 Miss Grand Bahama?

Next on the pageant schedule the contestants will be attending church service Easter Sunday at Saint Nickolaus Church in High Rock.

Eleuthera Photo of Amazing Snorkeling

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We visited Eleuthera for our honeymoon. We went together with another couple and we had an amazing time. Eleuthera has the best beaches we have ever seen, the friendliest people and awesome seafood.

We snorkeled every day. Our three favorite places for snorkeling were Rainbow Beach and Hatchet Bay in Northern Central Eleuthera and Rock Sound in the South.

BTW, here are 10 amazing underwater photos and a fascinating snorkeling story.

Everyone must, must go to the Friday night Fish Fry in Governor’s Harbour, Central Eleuthera. It is so much fun, the music, the drinks on the beach and the locals. The conch fritters and the fried fish are spectacular.

We stayed at Romantic Bungalow in Palmetto Point which was a beautiful home. The snorkeling right in front of the house was also incredible.

If you want to relax, eat seafood from the local fisherman at a very attractive price, swim some of the most beautiful beaches and relax to a beautiful sunset, Eleuthera is where you want to go….

Diving with the Dolphins

Scuba Diving with the dolphins in Grand Bahama

Junkanoo Beach Club?

Question by roxyimroxy: Junkanoo Beach Club?
Does any one have any information on Junkanoo Beach Club on Grand Bahama Island? Specifically, where it is located, are there entrance fees, what amenities does the beach club offer? I will be in Freeport on a cruise in September and was thinking of going there. I have been unable to find any information anywhere on this establishment. Thank you.

Best answer:

Answer by J B
All I know is that it is in Freeport.
I found this website but it seems like it would b difficult to navigate.

What do you think? Answer below!

Interactive Map of The Bahamas With Photos & Web Addresses (discover-eleuthera-bahamas)

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Norwegian Cruise Lines?

Question by Can: Norwegian Cruise Lines?
I have cruised before with Royal Caribbean. I am thinking about booking with NCL, the cruise is Miami, Grand Bahama Island, Nassau and then great stirrup cay. Any cruisers out there who could give me some tips for NCL or reviews? My ship is Norwegian Sky…

Best answer:

Answer by phantom_of_valkyrie
Personally I hate NCL and would never use them again. But for you–what did you like about RC? What did you not like? Norwegian is different. The freestyle dining means you won’t eat with the same people at night. You’ll have to sign up to eat like at a restaurant which means at the key times (6-7) there will be a wait just like at a normal restaurant at home.

Norwegian’s shore excursions are less athletic. The spa is not as nice. The general clientele is older and there are fewer kids on board.

So just think about what you liked about RC. If you thought it had too many kids and you hated the tablemates, then perhaps NCL is for you. If you looked forward to talking to your people each night and finding out what they did in each port–in my case I love the interaction with my tablemates–then NCL is probably not the right line.

Read the reviews on cruise critic.com. A lot of those are from people who really love it and are frequent NCL cruisers. They can give you a really good perspective on what makes NCL different. Though in my opinion, it is a bad different.

Add your own answer in the comments!

Q&A: Anyone who has stayed in the Bahamas…?

Question by K: Anyone who has stayed in the Bahamas…?
Preferably on either Treasure Cay or Grand Bahama Island. I can’t decide which island to stay on. I want it to be pretty secluded but at the same time I want there to be stuff to do besides go to the beach, and I can take 2 day trips to the other island, but I don’t know. Help please!

Best answer:

Answer by bharpman
Grand Bahama is crowded and very touristy. I prefer Treasure Cay it is secluded, the fishing is great and the diving is awesome. You can book excursions to other out Island to do some great sight seeing But beware, night life is almost zero on the out islands so if your looking to party then stick to Grand Bahama. I personally prefer the smaller islands because I’m into diving and fishing.

What do you think? Answer below!

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