Q&A: Anyone who has stayed in the Bahamas…?

Question by K: Anyone who has stayed in the Bahamas…?
Preferably on either Treasure Cay or Grand Bahama Island. I can’t decide which island to stay on. I want it to be pretty secluded but at the same time I want there to be stuff to do besides go to the beach, and I can take 2 day trips to the other island, but I don’t know. Help please!

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Answer by bharpman
Grand Bahama is crowded and very touristy. I prefer Treasure Cay it is secluded, the fishing is great and the diving is awesome. You can book excursions to other out Island to do some great sight seeing But beware, night life is almost zero on the out islands so if your looking to party then stick to Grand Bahama. I personally prefer the smaller islands because I’m into diving and fishing.

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