The Bahamas wonderful place to visit.?

Question by deborah h: The Bahamas wonderful place to visit.?
What do you think aboout the Bahamas I’ve been there in the past it was wonderful the natives were nice and friendly the part I went to was Grand Bahama which is the second city, now I want to visit other parts of the island but I am afraid to Grand Bahama already has me hooked.

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Answer by chocofreak09
The Bahamas is AWESOME!!!!!! Another great city to visit is Nassau, which has a lot of fun places! There is also this island just a bridge away called Paradise Island, which has a lot of hotels and beaches.

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  • ♥sчdnєч says:

    I <3 the bahamas because i am from freeport. but i wouldn't recommend to go to nassau on pi. the bahamian's are rude, plus its nothing like the real bahamas. i would say go to Abaco. that way you can go to freeport, then take a 30 min. ferry to Abaco .

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