Traveling to the Bahamas. Need advice?

Question by nite_angelica: Traveling to the Bahamas. Need advice?
I’ve never been, so please excuse my ignorance if anything is incorrect.

We want to go to one of the Bahama islands, and we are considering June. I was looking online and a site said that it is considered “tacky” to wear beach wear (shorts, tshirts, etc) to anyplace other than the beach. It also said that casinos and nicer restaurants require for the men to wear a jacket and the women to dress appropriately. Here are my questions:

1. Are there islands other than Nassau and Grand Bahama (maybe I’m wrong on the Grand Bahama). We have to dress up every day and are looking for a casual beach environment. Shorts, tshirts, flip flops, etc. Is this not the destination for us?

2. How is the best way to get there? We don’t want to take a cruise. Maybe stay in Florida and take a boat over to stay for 2 or 3 days?

Thanks for any input.

Best answer:

Answer by ImaHarper
You don”t have to “dress up”, but if you are barely covered, you will be considered tacky.
Shorts, NOT short shorts are acceptable with a casual shirt most places, long, light weight cotton pants & skirts will help keep you from sun burn. Capri length pants can keep you from burning the back of your legs on a too hot seat. If you aren’t at the beach or by the pool, cover up. I take a t-shirt cotton dress to pull on over my swim suit.

Here is what the Atlantis resort says
Most restaurants do not have a specific dress code. However guests are asked to wear cover- ups in public areas such as restaurants and hotel lobbies. Fine dining restaurants, bars and nightlife venues do not allow flip flops, shorts or hats.

I take a crinkle cotton long skirt, my jeweled sandals & my fancy pedicure & I’m good to go anywhere. Guyaberas or Hawaiian style shirts are acceptable just about anywhere. Ignore the fanciest places & relax.

You can fly or take a ferry from Florida

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  • The Phantom Schticky says:

    You’re not required to dress nicely, but they will appreciate it if you observe their customs. It works that way on just about any island, but you’ll probably find Nassau to be the most ‘forgiving’ since it’s the big tourist town.

    I’ve been there a few times. If you dress nice for lunch and dinner, you’ll invariably get a nicer table and / or faster service. They won’t refuse to serve you if you’re dressed like a slob, but you’ll see a lot of people in better attire get better service than you. They are pretty traditional in that country, and they respond in kind if you respect their customs.

    Same thing with politeness and old-fashioned etiquette. Ladies and elders are to have doors opened for them, nobody should smoke at the table, and all the basic table manners should be used. Saying please, thank you and after you are always appreciated. Show the Bahamian people respect, and they’ll return it in spades.

    But get this, they’re not stuck up. At a beach party or crazy nightclub, almost anything goes and I do mean almost anything. It’s all about the place and time. I gave the bartender a six-pack of Canadian as a gift, and he gave me three bottles of Royale and got his buddy (a cop) to give us a personal tour of some of the sites at no charge.

  • Chance says:

    The Bahamas consists of 700 islands and cays.. Nassau and Grand Bahamas are only 2 of them. Some are uninhabited, some are privately owned, but there are about 30 that have tourist infrastructures.
    Check out information on the “out islands” such as Cat Island, Exuma, Eleuthera, Bimini, San Sanvador, Long Island, Abaco, Harbour Island, Andros, Mayaguana, Great Inagua, Crooked Island or the Acklins.. there’s so many to choose from.

    ALL will consider bathing suits proper attire for the beach only. Shorts and shirts or tank tops are fine for day wear, as are sundresses. In the evening it’s capris, dress shorts and collared shirts for men are the norm for Nassau and Freeport.

    In the out islands, t shirts and shorts are the norm 24/7.

    Freeport and nassau are the main island with all the better restaurants and nitelife, and the only islands with a casino.

    The Out Islands are laid back with not real “resort” feel. Lots of villas or small properties to rent.

    Best way to get there is to fly.. there are many airlines that make the trip from the US.. Out islands can be reached thru florida by plane, or from Nassau.

  • KayJo says:

    At the nice restaurants you will need to wear nice clothes. Basically no ripped jeans, or anything you wouldn’t wear to a nice restaurant here in the states. A dress and a pair of sandals would be fine. For men a pair of slacks, closed toe shoes and a button up or polo shirt work too. For the buffets and cafes you can get away with wearing your beach ware as long as you have a cover up. Men can wear their swim trunks as long as they have a t-shirt on and flip flops at least. Women can wear their swim wear and put a cover up over it (dress or long t-shirt, etc) and must wear sandals too (like the whole “no shirt no shoes no service” thing that you see in the states). As long as swimwear is covered and isn’t soaking wet you’ll be fine at the buffets and cafes.

    There is also the Exuma and other “out islands” as they call them.

    We live in FL and take the Ferry Express over and stay at Sandals Royal Bahamian for 3 nights (3 nights is always cheaper than 2). It’s an AWESOME resort in Nassau: There is also a ferry from Nassau to Exuma, one of the Bahamian out islands. We stay at Sandals Emerald Bay when we go there:

  • David Clarke says:

    dress up is not required

  • Akeem says:

    Hi,there first of all nassua Bahamas is the capital of Bahamas.Grand Bahama is the second city.Nassau is the place where all the tourists go because there are more things to do see and go.

    If you are looking to go to a island other than nassau and grand bahama there are many islands to go to.Some of them are Exuma,Eleuthera,Bimini and other small islands.

    I am not sure about the dressing part because your on vacation so how ever you want to dress you can its good warm weather in the bahamas so most people wear shorts t shirts and clothes that will keep you cool

    You can get to most of these islands by airplane from the U.S

    Personally as a Bahamian Citizen I have never travel to all of the islands so I wouldn’t know about all but I advise you to search the islands and see which you like

    Try this:

    Hope this helps!

  • das says:

    You might also want to check for hotels in Bahamas here:

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