WHERE do I go?(Bahama cruise)?

Question by Daxter777: WHERE do I go?(Bahama cruise)?
I don’t want to go to a place where I’ve already been before. I have to get a cruise after June 26th and a maximum of 5 days, and the only ones available go to Cozumel, Key West, and Nassau. I have been to them all except Key West which I can drive there from Carolina. There were other locations, Half Moon Cave and Grand Turk, how are these places? I was also thinking of spending MORE money(than a cruise) and fly to Jamaica for a 5 star hotel for 4-5 days.

What are your recommendations on those Bahama places? Nassau only has the Atlantis Hotel which I explored inside and out, and we toured all of Cozumel and saw the ruins, nothing too special. I do’nt know where to go, but I want to go somewhere!

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Answer by Ariel
I just went on a 5-day cruise on the Carnival Imagination to Nassau, Half Moon Cay, and Grand Turk over Thanksgiving. I loved it!

In Nassau, we just shopped, but you can go to the Atlantis Hotel. The first time we were there, we went on a glass-bottom boat. It was lots of fun. I was 13 at the time and loved seeing all the fish. And it wasn’t too expensive. As a 16 year old girl this time around, I was more interested in shopping at the straw market…

Half Moon Cay is BEAUTIFUL. It is a private island, owned by Holland America, I believe. I loved it. We went to the beach there and it was gorgeous. Because it is a private island, they cooked lunch for us out by the beach (hamburgers, fries, and grilled chicken, plus other things) and it was included. The water is very clear and we saw fish swimming many times. Be warned that there is practically NO shopping, at least where we were. You can still pick up souvenirs, but the shopping isn’t that great.

Grand Turk is another great place. The beach there is free for use and you can see your ship from the shore. It had a lot of people without being too crowded, and there were two other mega-ships docked there the day that we were there. They also have shops and my friends that I met on board went on a submarine trip and LOVED IT!

I’ve told you what I know! Have fun, whatever you decide!

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  • worknlakeside says:

    Half Moon Cay is the best. It is the private Island of Holland America and I love it. If you are interested in snorkeling at all you must go in the water. If kids are going they have a fantastic area for kids that is free not like RC that charges. I did not like the sting ray tour on this Island. There are no shops and stuff it is just what it is a private island, they will serve a nice lunch on this island. Grand Turks is also very nice I think the only thing I remember is a type of flea market but I can’t remember what else we did there. I love all the islands and enjoy the water and sometimes the shopping. I know the trip your referring too and its good. I personally don’t like Jamaica the local taxi drivers are pushy and other local problems I just don’t want to deal with them. I don’t get off the ship anymore, I hope they will change their ways because the Island is beautiful.

  • jvega624 says:

    It is Half Moon Cay Not Cave, and the Turks and caicos are beautiful. Great place to snorkel if you like. I am taking my kids on a carnival cruise on June 30th to the Bahamas

  • johnrklinger says:

    Half Moon Cay is a very nice private island. Beautiful beach and nice calm water. Grand Turk is definetly a beach port. There isn’t much on the island but if you are into hanging at the beach or a scuba diver, it’s a great port. Diving at GT is fantastic

  • Jess says:

    I’ve been on 4 Caribbean cruises with Royal Caribbean. We’ve visited Labadee, Haiti; Montego Bay, Jamaica and Ocho Rios I think is there too?, two places in Mexico (Cozumel is one of them), we’ve been to Naussau, Grand Cayman Islands, the Bahamas (different spots), Puerto Rico, St. Thomas…more places that I can’t think of.

    I suggest any of these spots though we’ve had trouble with Haiti. It was close to a war time with them, a lot of fighting going on, lot of poverty and beggars. They would not leave us alone, and a lot of jelly fish filled the shore. Not a good place for us.

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