Q&A: Which cruise line/ship/destination is better?

Question by Easy E: Which cruise line/ship/destination is better?
I’m trying to decide between a 4 day Carnival cruise from Miami to Cozumel on Imagination or a 4 day Norwegian cruise from Miami to the Bahamas. My wife and I are first time cruisers and wanted some suggestions.

The Carnival cruise stops in Key West and Cozumel. The NCL cruise stops at Grand Bahama Island, Nassau, and Great Stirrup Cay.

Questions include: Which ship would be better for a couple in their early 30’s? What is included in the cruise price? What is the avg. cost for those items not included in the price (drinks, spa treatments, additional food/restaurants)? Can you pre-pay for drinks (Coke card) and what is the typcial price? Which ship has the better service, staff, food, staterooms, etc? Any other tips or advice you could give?

Thanks in advance.

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Answer by Fashion Expert
Carnival is definelty better.. as far as prices, space, service , food and everything.. norweign is ok but if you like better quality things carnival is better.. it even has adult only zones to relax and plenty of entertainment.. But right now there are some drug related problems in mexico although most people say its only in border areas… you never know

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  • Lovely Lauren says:

    I’ve only done Carnival Cruises and they are FUN! I’ve heard Norwegian is more of an older crowd (50-60’s), with not as much activites as Carnival. But could just be the few opinions I’ve heard. Key West will be great, no question, its American, with the convience of America: money, laws, living standards, etc. But same with the Bahamas. When we were in Cozumel we just wandered around the port, it was ok. Just like any other Mexican port city: stores, people selling wares, margarita bars, silver jewelry. Maybe if you go on a high speed boat or snorkeling it would be a lot of fun!

    Carnival drinks can cost about $ 8/piece, if you get the tall souvenier glass. You can ask for “the drink of the day” in a regular glass and it could be about $ 4. Tip: smuggle on your own liquer in your luggage when its ported on. Porters are free, but its customary to tip a buck or so per piece of luggage. With Carnival, you can bring your own soda on, no questions asked. For a coke card, its about $ 35/person for the entire cruise. There may be a daily parking fee at the pier, about $ 12 per day. Spa treatments are pricey. I can’t remember exactly but maybe $ 120 for 30 min?? There are supper clubs on most ships and they would be about $ 30 extra a person.

    Carnival will want you to pre-pay all your gratuities up front, about $ 10/person per day. But you can have them take that off when you book it or change it on the ship and tip as you see fit.

    Carnivals staff has always been excellent for us. If you do a longer cruise, they will usually remember you, even by name. Our room stewards have been great and helpful.

    Good luck and have fun!

  • dave.greg says:

    It depends on who you ask and when. I prefer Royal, but others ??????
    I’ve had 12 cruises on 4 different cruise lines. When we cruise it’s to lay back and relax, but I see others with incredible hang overs in the morning. Same cruise, different agendas.
    Go to the individual cruise line web page and do your homework.
    As far as service and tips etc. I remember 1 cruise where tips were not “suggested”, the service was poor. I think it was NCL, the staff all had a great time, we didn’t. But was that standard service, or did we just get unlucky, I don’t know. But I do know NCL will never get the chance to change my opinion.

  • haskill333 says:

    defintlay ncl! Perfect ship for ur age. Unless u r partiers who stay up all night and drink u want ncl. If u r partiers then carnival

    have a great time

  • dessy baybee x3 says:

    Carnival Cruise

  • Cherie says:

    I have been on both NCL and carnival. i prefer carnival by far. I really like cozumel as well. carnival does have a soda card, i can’t rememberr if ncl does. the cots of bar drinks are expensive on both. about what you would pay at a restaurant at home. i have never used the spa or the pay restaraunts. the included food is great. the ncl has free style dining which means there is no set reservation for dinner, it is open seating. i thought i would like that, but i didn;t think the service was very good. on carnival they assign you a dinner time and table. you have the same waiters every night so they get to know you and provide better service. also the wait staff does shows at dinner, it’s really amusing. i am in my late 20s. i also like the food better on carnival. in face i am going on my 5th carnival cruise this summer. i have been on may cruises and have tried the different cruise lines and always seem to go back to carnival.

  • Chris says:

    Royal Caribbean has the Flowrider and that is more fun than Carnival

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