Is the “free” caribbean cruise a scam? YES?

Question by : Is the “free” caribbean cruise a scam? YES?
By: April Okay, so I get a telephone call from a 561-424-0845. I answer it and it is a recording telling me that if I take a quick political survey I will win a free cruise with the Caribbean Cruise line. Of course, I assume it is a scam, but decide to take it anyway to see what it’s all about. So I answer a few quick questions and then I am sent directly to a CCL travel agent. He answers, gives me his name and ID number (Anthony, 2827). I tell him it all sounded like a scam and it is hard to believe this is a real deal. He chuckled and assured me it was real and that once a year the company allocates a certain number of cruises/cabins, for free to people for advertising reasons. He says the first year they tried it they had a huge response and have been doing it every year since. So he explained the wonderful experience that was in store for me and up to three more people, letting me know it is a 2 night cruise to the Bahamas, he detailed on the port (the Grand Bahamas Island) and all the activities that were there to enjoy. And on the cruise with all meals included, the only thing we would have to pay for is alcoholic beverages and gratuity. I asked if I could think about it and talk it over with my boyfriend first and get back with him, and he told me this was a limited offer that wouldn’t be available later. And that if I wanted to take advantage of it I would have to go ahead and reserve my place and any others coming with me right then and in order to reserve it I would just have to pay a $ 59.00 port fee per person. After I reserve the offer, it is good for 18 months from today and I can use it anytime besides holidays. The ships name is the Bahama Celebration and we would ship out from Palm Beach South Florida. I dont have enough space to finish my story, but to end it, I paid $ 118 for port fees and after they took my money I couldnt get access to any of my info and reservations. This company is not backed by the BBB and has a D+ rating. They steal your money

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Answer by oxskittlefreekxo
Anytime you’re told something is free, then you’re asked to spend money and are told you can’t have time to think about it, it’s usually a scam.

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  • Fred F says:

    There is not much free stuff. If you gave them any personal information, such as a bank account number— have it changed.

    Anything that can not be offered LATER is a scam.

  • Kittysue says:

    Read the FTC’s warning. You cannot be asked to pay ANYTHING if you win a free prize
    “A Dozen Ways to Protect Yourself

    The next time you get a “personal” letter or telephone call telling you “it’s your lucky day,” the Federal Trade Commission encourages you to remember that:

    1 Legitimate sweepstakes don’t require you to pay or buy something to enter or improve your chances of winning, or to pay “taxes” or “shipping and handling charges” to get your prize. If you have to pay to receive your “prize,” it’s not a prize at all.”

  • R. Michael Whyte says:

    It’s certainly not free if you have to pay $ 59. These are invariably time-share sales scams or “buying Floida swap land” scams. Either way, you have to sit through this very boring 3-hour lecture about being “one-of-the-few-folks-in-the-world who is being given this once-in-a-lifetime chance to buy into “X” or “Y. Trouble is, they check out your credit rating (before you enter the 3-hour lecture) to make sure you are good-for-the-money to finish making your monthly payments over the next 12 years to purchase whatever they’re trying, thru high-pressure sales tactics, to get you to purchase. Here’s the insulting part…are you ready for this???…if you ever decline the offer you receive cutting or mean comments like “we sent you on this 3,459.76 cruise to the Bahamas and you aren’t buying into this great deal? what kind of a thank you is that”?

  • joann says:


  • MomSezNo says:

    Well, it’s not a scam, per se, but it’s also not a “real” cruise. It’s a trip on an old converted ferryboat, goes only to Nassau, and you have to listen to a very long and high-pressure time-share presentation. On the way back, you’ll share the ship with small-time drug-runners hoping to get through the DEA people who will meet the tub on its return to the US.

    Do an Internet search and you’ll see all the horrible things people have to say about this “cruise”.

    If you want a real cruise, then go with one of the real cruise lines.

  • RussL says:

    Sound too good to be true – it usually will be. Sorry you lost your money on this. Russ Loop

  • Grouper Groaper says:

    Just the fact you don’t know what a PARAGRAPH is or how to use one, tells me you are not too bright and certainly not well educated.. which means you are the typical GULLIBLE SUCKER that falls for that FREE TRIP.

    You won NOTHING.. That FREE TRIP is REAL and you can actually take it.. the ship is REAL.. it’s an old converted North Sea Car Ferry and the CONSTANT SALES TACTICS the best HIGH PRESSURE SALESMEN in the industry will use on you is also real.. During the course of your FREE CRUISE you WILL be constantly bombarded with chances to buy GOLD or CONDOS IN PANAMA or TIME SHARES or anything else they are selling at the time.

    The Cruise ship is an OLD North Sea Car ferry.. the FREE FOODS are the CHEAPEST frozen foods they can buy and the BOOZE in the bottle has no resemblance to the name on the label.

    The Passengers on that trip look like the scum you can find in ANY CASINO because that company buys their phon lists from CASINOS.. and, when they come down the gangplank, it looks like a cross between a CONVENTION OF WHITE TRASH and a JERRY SPRINGER SHOW AUDIENCE.. mostly FAT, WHITE and NOT TOO BRIGHT.. with their aloha shirts, roman sandals with black socks and the inevitable FANNY PACKS.

    If you REALLY WANT TO TAKE A CRUISE.. then forget that FREE TRIP and buy a REAL cruise on a REAL CRUISE SHIP of your choice with the itinerary of your choice and GO because it will cost you less than that FREE CRUISE on an old car ferry

  • Christine says:

    U sound like an idiot, just call ur credit card card company, and grow up, if its a scam ur credit card company will fix it, its impossible to forge a merchant account with a credit card company, are you even 18 or did u fail to graduate high school? Wow,i am always amazed how stupid people are!

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