the bahamas??

Question by Elizabeth P: the bahamas??
I have never been anywhere outside of ny, pennsylvania, and new jersey, so….i am having trouble booking and understanding the flight and hotel and travel details. i also dont know that much about the islands of the bahamas. so, i would like to know are the beaches very crowded in mid to late august? (on grand bahama island) is there a good island to choose to have a more secluded or less crowded beach? also, can you just swim in the ocean, or do you have to have lessons, or something? if someone who knows anything about this could respond, i have a bunch of questions, and would really appreciate any help! thanks so much.

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Answer by stella39
The Bahamas are very beautiful. There are some good resorts to choose from. Here is a link to learn more about the Bahamas.

You are free to enjoy the beaches but if you don’t swim, stay in the shallow parts of the water or wear a life jacket.

Since you have never traveled outside the USA, there are some things you should be aware of.

You need a passport to fly to the Bahamas from the USA. Hurricane season starts June 1-Nov 30th. August, September and October are the worst months for tropical storms. Hopefully we will have a mild season.

August would not be as crowded as the high season (Dec 15-April 15) Grand Bahama Island is a popular island for tourists and cruise ships.

Here is a link to all the resorts in GBI, their ratings, unbiased reviews and candid photos from travelers.

Good Luck and enjoy your planning)

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  • christine says:

    Since you haven’t travelled before I would strongly recommend booking your trip through a travel agent. They can give you all the answers to your questions. Once you’ve been a few places, you’ll see how it all works and can start researching and planning over the Internet.

  • Sydneyツ says:

    grand bahama beaches arnt crowd..the mor east u go the less people on the beach..but go to abaco or long island they have the most beautiful beaches in the world..i love abaco so much i am moving their…i live in grand bahama but its like a dead town and my family has been to long island and we jump of the cliff into a beautiful blue hole(no sucktion)

    abaco is very nice….good luck

  • Daisy C says:

    Go to Atlantis. No headache. They have all packages deal. If you can fly early of September, they’ll have the best package deal for u.

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