Free Bahama Getaway vacation…ligit or scam?

Question by Tomcat: Free Bahama Getaway vacation…ligit or scam?
I was in Madeira Beach, FL this past week and filled out a little slip to enter my name for a free Bahama Cruise/hotel stay for two. I got a phone call from a girl in the restaurant stating I had won. So she gave me the number to the travel agency called “Bahama Getaways”, which is located in St. Petersburg, and I talked to one of the receptionists there and questioned her about the whole thing, and she claims it’s ligit, and that there are, of course, taxes for the trip that will have to be paid, and that they will send me a package in the mail to explain the trip in further detail.

The cruise ship is the Discovery and the hotel in the Belle Channel Inn on Grand Bahama Island. The trip can be vouchered out anytime in the next 18 months. She said her boss puts on this promotion because he lives there and wants to bring people into the area so they come back again, and that he is a nice Irish man. Is anyone familiar with this company, or has anyone actually gone on this trip? Any advice would be appreciated!!

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Answer by TrksR4Kids
Yeah I just got that same call today but after reading about other people’s experiences, im quite skeptical. That being the case, I would also love to know the answer to that!

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