Are there any flea markets in BAHAMAS, FREEPORT, or ATLaNTAS?

Question by Rebecca: Are there any flea markets in BAHAMAS, FREEPORT, or ATLaNTAS?
I was wondering if there was cheap flea markets in the bahamas freeport or atlantas area since i am going to be visiting this summer.

I was wondering if like in us there is cheap china towns if theres a cheap place there????

ALSO Any good cheap flea markets in Florida kissemmii area???


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Answer by Kaddilac
Its a bunch of shops and few bars in freeport. We stayed at the raddison next to the casino. So fun. Make sure you do the fish fry cause its a party! American music, and cheap drinks!

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  • rpf5 says:

    There is a Straw market in both Freeport & Nassau, which is probably what you want. l am not sure if “cheap” is a word to describe them. l do not know about the other places.

  • Grouper Groaper says:

    The largest market in the Caribbean is just a few miles from Freeport, on Grand Bahama island at Port Lucaya. It’s easily reachable by a bus that leave from the foot of the Cruise ship dock in Freeport.

    Plus, many of the Caribbean islands have an IRON MARKET (or Ferro d’ Marche) that doesn’t sell ‘IRON” but they get the name from the IRON STUCTURE that houses the market and they all date to colonial times.

    Also it’s common in the Caribbean to find WEEKLY MARKETS where the sellers go to a different town each day of the week on a regular schedule.. now THOSE are REAL Flea Markets, much like what you find in Mexico, Central and South Amerika

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