Does a S.S. card count as a valid form of i.d. when boarding a plane? We are flying air tran from hartsfield?

Question by Lori P: Does a S.S. card count as a valid form of i.d. when boarding a plane? We are flying air tran from hartsfield?
We are flying from hartsfield to orlando and my husband has a very expensive unpaid speeding ticket. We were planning on paying it after our trip. His liscense is expired and he can’t get a new one because he owes about $ 600. I know that should have been paid first, but it isn’t….Will they take the SS card and an expired driver’s liscense?

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  • gundam_bravo4 says:

    Nah, don’t think so unless your ID has your SS Number on it. THough, for most places they don’t accept expired licenses. Which I think is dumb.

  • not_so_sweet_24 says:

    usually it has to be a valid drivers license but i would just call the airline and ask and find out what else to bring if that wont work

  • jenluvsflowers says:

    They are not supposed to take an expired license or identification card of any sort.

    Your SS card will not count as a valid form of identification. It has to have a photo on it. Can you get a state ID card? Do you have a gym membership with your photo on it? Do you have a credit card with your picture?

  • dlil says:

    No, has to be a current license, state id or passport. You can chance the expired license – but just cause you make it on the plane on the way down doesn’t mean they will be as lax on the return then you’re stuck there…

  • tardis1977 says:

    nope sorry your SOL! w/o a photo ID

  • lisa n says:

    Sorry a SS card is not considered a valid form of ID unless you have a picture ID with it. What your husband can do is go to the the same place where he obtained his DL and turn it in for a state ID. The airlines will also not accept an expired DL. I know I’ve been there before.

  • creskin says:

    No. It has to be a photo ID issued by a government agency.

    Drivers License. It doesnt have to be current, as long as the name and the face match and you live at the address listed.

    If you are a state employee and have a photo ID from work, that would work as well.

    If you have a military ID that would work.

    If you have a Passport from any country, that would work.

    It has to be a photo ID and it has to be issued by a government agency.

  • southrntrnzplnt says:

    Ok, I worked for Delta and here is the answer…..YES YES YES you can use it…..he will have to use the ticket, the social security card and one more form of ID such as a birth certificate, voter ID card, huting/fishing liscense…even a vehicle registration can be used….it just has to be 2 forms of non-photo government issued valid ID if you do not have a current liscense. A social security card IS issued by a government agency so it will work. Don’t worry he can board the airplane, he will just be a selectee….meaning a full search, so arrive at the airport in plenty of time and check in at the ticket counter, not the kiosk. That way they can document his reservation so when he returns they will see that he did not have valid photo ID and will just be a selectee.

    All passengers over the age of 18 must present a valid, government issued photo ID (such as a driver’s license, U.S. Military ID card or passport) upon check-in and at the TSA screening checkpoint. Travel to/from Grand Bahama Island is considered international travel. We encourage you to contact U.S. Customs at 202-927-6724 to request a copy of their brochure, “Know Before You Go.” If you are unfamiliar with the documentation requirements for international travel, please contact AirTran Airways Reservations at 800-AIR-TRAN or 678-254-7999 in Atlanta.

    Select from the following:

    One unexpired form of local or federal government-issued photo id, such as:
    Driver’s License
    Military ID
    Or two unexpired forms of non-photo id—one must be issued by a state or federal agency

    the post from Delta is the same on all airlines, just spells it out better that Airtran.

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