My husband and I are considering moving to the Bahamas; either Freeport or Nassau.?

Question by kitykat233: My husband and I are considering moving to the Bahamas; either Freeport or Nassau.?
Has anyone lived there that can tell me about it? Cost of living? Will looking for a place to rent be hard? Cuisine? Job hunting? (I work in a doctors office in Philadelphia now)

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Answer by Mandy
Im not sure about anything, but if you have the chance then take it! These once in a life time chances dont happen to everyone and Im sure you wont regret it if you move there!

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12 Responses to My husband and I are considering moving to the Bahamas; either Freeport or Nassau.?

  • =D says:

    go to nassau
    that place is FREAKING AWESOME!

  • Ziggy Stardust says:

    Get a hold of Howard Stern (Anna Nicole’s gold-digger, not the radio personality)
    You guys might get to be neighbors.

  • MillyOsborne says:


  • michael g says:

    Ive vacationed there quite a few times and its paradise – go for it.
    prices are thru the roof as every things gotta come by ship. Water is a sistern system as there really is no fresh water in the grnd.
    I bet craigslist would have some listing for rentals but be seated as the price will shock you.

  • Rab says:

    Hi kitykat2 You should be able to get most of these details from the Bahamian High Commission , but as to where to live I’m sure that is a matter of personal choice that they would not be able to help you with. For that I would got to a Bahamian website or tourist board. They may have some forums or chat pages there that would be of use to you. All the best I hope this helps Rab

  • diller says:

    The islands have become totally Americanized.
    Nassau would be a first choice. then Freeport.
    Prices are really expensive. food to basic necessities.
    Most of the houses are geared to vacation renters, so you will have to look very hard to get a reasonable rental rate. Many homes have been purchased by wealthy Americans, and the natives cannot afford the homes there any longer, you may run into some resentment. They also can have a chip on their shoulders if you have a size-able fishing boat.
    Make sure that you look into the laws on coming & staying.

  • crazysss1972 says:

    I’ve lived in Nassau for a year now. EVERYTHING is EXPENSIVE. Rentals, gas, milk, you name it. Life here can be very relaxed and comfy if you are a tourist; living here can be super boring. Everything takes for ever( services) The beaches are nice and once you make friends you can actually enjoy it. Schools here are very expensive. Finding a place to rent won’t be hard but bring lots of $ $ $ $ . I live around Cable Beach and my house rents for 6,000$ $ Food here is great. Lots of variety. Crime is so on any mayor city or capital. You just need to know where not to go.

    I have never been to Freeport. lots of friends say it is cleaner and less hectic than Nassau cause it;s less crowded. Not that many things to do there.

  • Jc22ny says:

    To give you an idea of how I enjoyed living in the Bahamas, I thought I would describe a typical challenging day in the Bahamas:
    8:00 — arise, take kids to school
    9:00 — exercise, such as basketball, tennis, or running, following by a swim in the pool or ocean.
    10:00 — breakfast on the beach terrace with Jo Ann
    11:00 — go sailing
    12:00 — go downtown and pick up mail, newspapers
    1:00 — lunch at poolside with Jo Ann
    2:00 – open mail, read newspapers, take nap
    3:00 — write newsletter
    4:00 — pick up kids from school, play with children
    5:00 — call broker, write letters, make telephone calls
    6:00 — dinner with family in dining room
    7:00 — play cards or other games with family or friends, or rehearse play
    8:00 — put children to bed
    9:00 — free time to read a book, go to a movie, dancing or to the casino
    10:00 — retire exhausted after a rough day
    I guess I’m being a bit flippant, though Jo Ann would probably suggest there’s more truth in it than error. One man’s relaxation is another man’s laziness.

  • Sydneyツ says:

    freeport is better..nassua their is alot of violence and over crowded and ghetto …freeport is much better…living is expensive…houses r okay good price..but the food expensive and bad…what u should do is find a frieght company that does personal shopping(like Gb express,Gps, island air frieght or inter island export)
    renting is easy..cuisine is good to,job hunting hard because after the hurricane must of the buisness got damaged and so getting a job is hard….

  • Elvira J says:

    listen to nathan the place is a hotbed of crime, racism and homophobia. you’d be better off living in florida. i lived there for 30 years–won’t do it again.

  • Marie says:

    Paradise Island.

  • Anne Z says:

    It is really hard to move and live here. In order to become a resident you need more than $ 500,000 in investments in the Bahamas or you need to be married to someone who is a Bahamian Citizen. Even marrying someone who is a citizen here doesn’t get you papers for many years…I know people who had to wait 7 years to be a resident after marrying a Bahamian. You also can’t work here unless a company buys you the right to work OR once you are a resident, you have to pay over $ 10,000 to be able to work. It is also expensive to live here. Although there are no income taxes, living expenses are very high. I would never move to Nassau or Grand Bahama, I would go towards the out islands.

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