Q&A: What is the easiest Out Islands (Bahamas) to get to?

Question by Channing V: What is the easiest Out Islands (Bahamas) to get to?

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Answer by chezvira
Probably Abaco since there is a lot of scuba in the area.Andros is another. Get a map of the Bahamas on line and look for an airport or somewhere a ferry may go.

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  • Cathryn says:

    Depends where you are coming from. I would think that for anyone, the easiest island to get to would be New Providence (Nassau) because it is has the largest population, (if not then one of the largest populations). You can fly in from Florida, Philadelphia, Georgia.

    Ps. I wouldn’t really recommend going to Nassau. I have been several times and it is kinda like the big city. There are so many tourists, and a lot of the people there are kinda rude.

  • rara says:

    i would say the abacos..easily get there from florida..just as easy as going to nassua. but the abacos are nice! true bahamas. we stay on elbow cay and fly into marsh harbor then take a ferry over to elbow cay.r rental boat can be delivered to you there. you can rent a house or stay at inns. i would say not to stay inside hope town if you want peace and quite..when you want action you can always go to hope town by golf cart or the resort will take u. the whole island is about 3 miles long. very pretty lots of snorkling

  • caca3773 says:

    Bimini!!! its only like a 15 minute airplane ride from the coast of florida

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