Q&A: Where in the Bahamas should we go?

Question by ms c gardner: Where in the Bahamas should we go?
For my birthday in late October, some friends and I would like to go to the Bahamas for 4 days, 3 nights. Where should we go that’s inexpensive and has great beaches?

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Answer by laura f
I loved Nassau Bahamas when I visited a couple of years ago. The people are so kind and the beaches are gorgeous. I stayed at the Atlantis, which is such a fun resort but can be pricy. There is a hotel right next to the Atlantis with great prices and gives you passes to use the amenities at the Atlantis everyday.

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  • mally_pie says:

    You should go to Nassau! You can stay over on the Nassau side and walk or take a $ 3 boat ferry over to Paradise Island. It’s just right across the bridge. It’s gorgeous there and there are so many things to do. You can stay on the Nassau side because there are things like Senor Frogs and the Town Market. Nearby they also have the Blue Lagoon where you can go swimming with dolphins. Overall this was an inexpensive and adventurous trip for me!

    I stayed at the Holiday Inn and the Riu Resort. The holiday inn is nothing super fancy, but hey your just going there to crash right? The resort next to the Atlantis is called the Riu. It’s not super expensive and it’s all inclusive. The open bar is awesome, I remember there some night when we got really drunk they would let us dance on top of the bar (in the party room). They have amazing food and its served all day long. I definitely recommend the Riu if there are like 4 of you…that way the room won’t be outrageous!

  • Confused says:

    Nassau is the best! Soo much to do there. Freeport isn’t all that so I wouldn’t waste your time.

  • SAM says:

    first you have to understand that the Bahamas are mostly very poor , the population is mostly black (Hey it’s a fact) . The neighborhoods are not a place you want to visit. The hotels tend to be expensive , the cheap ones are dumpy. I’ve been to the bahamas and not sure I want to go back. for a really cool inexpensive vacation on the beach… You can’t beat Florida and it’s on the very same ocean. I was told that there was a lot to do on Nassau… it’s crap. I was so disappointed. But then it depends on you… do you like nice stuff or can you get by in a very poor island. They have a resort there and you can visit that but it’s away from the island, the people tend to be ok but like any of the islands they want your money…. it’s worth a visit if you can’t think of anywhere else to go but as soon as you get there it will remind you of one big bad neighborhood with a nice resort sitting out away from the bad stuff.. trust me, I took a bus all over the island .. you don’t want to do that.. stay where the tourest stay.

    People also say Jamaica is nice or Haiti is nice.. Central America or Mexico.. all these places tend to be ok where the tourist are, once you stray away from that you’ll find very poor people that look at you like a little rich girl. I say go, check it out, read stuff about the island you wish to visit , play it smart, watch your money, don’t take gifts from anyone because they have a price attached. Have fun. You can see all you care to see of Nassau in a day or two.

    If you need help with anything email me

  • swanjarvi says:

    Nassau, is a friendly, nice place!

  • Marianna G says:

    Nassau, but maybe you want to try other places in the Caribbean, if you need help send me an email to marianna@beeline.travel
    I’m a travel agent

  • Marshall says:

    I’ve heard Nassau is just another big city and isnt private and the water is dirty. Go to Marsh Harbour and stay at the Abaco beach resort. They have an on site boat rental so you can travel island to island instead of just driving around town. The islands are only a probably 10-30 minutes away depending on which island you want to go to and what you want to do but its alot of fun. That way, you can travel to several different little islands and enjoy different beaches. Each island will have docks that you can park your boat onto such as restaurants and stores. Very clear water there and very peaceful and private!

  • titobk74 says:

    check out Breezes hotel in Nassau, Bahamas. Its an all inclusive resort…I mean just about everything…all your alcoholic beverages, no alcoholic, food, lots of activities, pool tables, the place is awesome and right on the beach. They include travel to and from the airport as well. Its a great deal.

  • MissMo says:

    I’m going to guess that you want to go out at night; you won’t find nightlife on Nassau (that would be safe for you).

    I stayed at the Riu, all inclusive, next door to Atlantis; good value. No nightlife, though! Even Atlantis didn’t have a night club.

    Freeport – stayed at Our Lucaya near Port Lucuya; a few bars at the port to keep you occupied, plus they now have a casino.

    Out Islands – if you want to spend time with each other, like to snorkel, dive, fish, and don’t mind no phones or TV, the out islands are heaven. Hope Town and Abacoa are really nice.

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