Bahamas or Cancun Mexico? Which place is better to vacation?

Question by Kristy: Bahamas or Cancun Mexico? Which place is better to vacation?
Looking for an exotic, romantic, fun place to take my man

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Answer by Kayla
Bahamas are better there are more fun things to do and it is very romantic. My parents went to cancan and got extremely sick from eating the food. And my mom said weird little kids kept petting her hair

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  • i says:

    go 2 Mexico, the American dollar goes farther over there & Its a beautiful, romantic & wild place (plus it’s a shorter traveling distance- assuming ur in USA) enjoy!!!

  • pilot says:

    If you choose the Bahamas, the Grand Bahama Island is the best. Other than that I would choose the Mayan Riviera. There are so many romantic resorts to choose from, it may be difficult to make up your mind. If you like to explore or just take it easy on the beach, enjoy good food, drink, and entertainment, this would be a great place for your vacation. Don’t look at anything under a four star resort. We like the five star resorts. Service is much better, and you get so used to everyone waiting on you that it’s hard to leave. If you are a red head, yes the kids might like to touch your hair. My wife is a red head, and the Mexican kids feel it’s good luck to be able to touch it. They will normally ask first. Either way you choose, I’m sure your man will love what ever you choose for him.

  • Kiana Amini says:

    yup bahamas is the way to go if you want a little romance but cancun mexico is fun 2 so either would work

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