Moving to Lucaya, any advice or information?

Question by Ashley_R: Moving to Lucaya, any advice or information?
I am moving to Lucaya in October with my husband and our baby daughter. I am having a very hard time finding information other than tourist type info. I would like to know how different from the US is it. Do they have US restaurants and shops? Do they have malls and movie theaters? How difficult and expensive is it to buy a car? What types of grocery stores do they have? What about Doctors and hospitals? Any help that I can get would be so greatly appreciated.

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Answer by Lolita
Do they have electricity and running water too?

Oh great!

That second link is pathetic!

Just what you needed huh, lol?

Good luck to you & your family!

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  • clarity_understanding_serenity says:

    Lucaya is nice. Grand Bahama is just like the US only smaller. Imagine a small town in the US. In Lucaya there is The Lucaya market place. It has a straw market mainly for tourist but a lot of locals go there for entertainment and restaurants. Theres a bank there too. In the subdivision of Lucaya the is a shopping “mall” A winn Dixie is in there as well as clothing stores, liquor stores hair supply store etc. A photo place is there too but i thibnk they are relocating to downtown (15 mins. away) Lucaya is with in 15 mins of a movie theatre Galleria Cinemas (5 rooms) a performance art theatre (Regency Theatre) and between Lucaya and down town there are tons of restaurants and stuff. Don’t be afraid we have cable you can get internet (cable DSL or dail-up actually i don’t think anyone uses dail up anymore) We have a public hospital and clinics also 15 mins away in town but we have many private doctors on right at the start of Lucaya Lucayan Medical Centre East. Good doctors there. If you like quiet its good here. Entertainment isn’t too far away. the library is not so advanced but is fully stocked and you can find most foods in the Supermarket or at Butlers Specialty. on Queens highway. (about 20 mins from Lucaya). Good Luck with your move I hope you love it here. I Do!

    Anythn thing else you need to know just add it as additional and I’ll see if I can help.

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