Q&A: What is the weather like in the Bahamas?

Question by : What is the weather like in the Bahamas?
im going to be traveling there in october. is there any hurricanes?

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Answer by fuzzy_gal17
i think theres a hurricane like every 2-3 years there

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  • Maxie M says:

    Hurricane season runs until November 30th so yes, you will be there in Hurricane season

  • kat9375 says:

    More than likely, since October is right smack in the middle of hurricane season. You’ll just have to check the weather a week or so before you leave.

  • catsy j says:

    umm sunny nice ya i mean they have hurricans somtimes

  • tracyhide says:

    I went to the Bahamas in late November and the weather was wonderful (able to wear shorts and go swimming on Thanksgiving Day). I think that hurrican season isn’t quite over in October, but they’re unpredictable anyway…

    Have fun!

  • Sandy says:

    I’ve made four separate trips to the Bahamas and have spent almost 2 years there during those trips. The weather is beautiful in the Bahamas in October…you should be getting out of the ‘sweltering’ summer heat and have warm/hot weather (between 75-85 degrees) with lots of sunshine and hopefully a nice breeze! The hurricane season should be over or at least nearing the end, so there is not a high probability of a hurricane. July/August/September would be the months to worry about that and even then, there are years where there are no hurricanes at all. The rainy/windy/stormy season kicks in around January with more frequent cold fronts coming through.
    Where are you planning on visiting within the Bahamas because the weather may vary a little if you are going to Grand Bahama (north) versus the Exumas (farther south)…but there shouldn’t be that much of a difference! Here’s a site that might help you out and as you get closer if you want detailed information (extended forecast for packing), check out the NOAA site. I hope you have a blast…I know I did!

  • jessie says:

    hi october is not slap bang in the middle of hurricane season as someone has said it starts the 1st of june and ends in november the weather is still nice might get some heavy rain showers and the evenings will be cooler.

  • Aoki Yin says:

    it is going to start getting colder because of winter but it should be kinda warm but it will be raining so..

  • Scott B says:

    If you look at the average weather over time, you’ll see that it rains about the same number of days in the Bahamas from June through October. But the total rainfall in October is quite a bit lower than June and August.

    So yeah, it’s technically part of the hurricane season, but on average October has done better than some other months.

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