Anyone who has been to Freeport (Bahamas), I have a question!!!?

Question by HSN: Anyone who has been to Freeport (Bahamas), I have a question!!!?
Is there in Freeport any open restaurant where you can grill meat? I am NOT looking for a steakhouse but for a nice, open barbecue restaurant where they grill any type of meat and you can choose whichever you want.. or at best you grill it in your own table like korean barbecue :

I am planning to go there with my friend this sunday and we absolutely need to know if there is something similar to this, preferably in front of the beach with a nice view.


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Answer by Samantha Alexander
Well yes I beeen at Freeport Bahams is Very Nice placed In the caribbean they alot of things to do there

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  • Mikey says:

    This info will get as close to what you want, but as you will see the Bahama’s is far different than the states.
    Every Wends. night is a “fish fry” on Tanio beach. Local vendors come out and set up grills and tables . It is mostly fish and seafood and really casual and laid back . They of course want to make their money from the fish they cook – BUT – if you were to bring your own steaks and pay them, I can’t see why they would not cook it for you. You could probably find steak at a local (small) grocery store and it will be kinda’ expensive as ALL food and steak has to be shipped in ,as it is a island ‘ya know. Take a taxi to a grocery store, buy your food, then head to Tanio beach around 6 or 7 o’clock.
    There are about 3 or 4 little rockin’ open air bars that sit directly on the beach with music pumping and drinks flowing. Cook your steaks and then walk 200 feet and start your party.
    Google – Tanio beach fish fry for more info but here is a starting point for you ………

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