Is the Bahama or Caribbean DISNEY cruise better?

Question by Babygiirl;;;♥: Is the Bahama or Caribbean DISNEY cruise better?
Just trying to decide between the two. Thanks 🙂 Also, is there anything that would appeal to a 16 and 19 year old? Thanks.

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Answer by phantom_of_valkyrie
The Bahamas are a country that is located in the Caribbean. The Caribbean Sea is not a singular destination. You are either doing a Southern, a Western, or an Eastern Caribbean cruise.

It would depend on the port of calls you are going for and what you are looking for in a cruise. Disney only has like 2 ships so it’s not like there are 15 choices. Bahama cruises are usually shorter (often 3-4 days) and much much cheaper. These are probably factors your parents will be using in making it.

A cruise in general should appeal to a 16 and 19 yo. Personally I would have hated a Disney one at that age but there are plenty of things for them to do from the youth programs (for the 16 yo), to the pool and snorkeling, shore excursions, and for the 19 yo the night clubs and gambling.

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  • andreana says:

    Hi! I am a teen that sails with Disney often.

    Personally, I like the Caribbean cruise better. I think there are just more things

    to see. I remember that my last cruise, was Caribbean. It stopped in Cozumel,

    Mexico, but we didn’t. That was when we had the recent Swine Flu outbreak

    so they didnt want to take us to Mexico. Instead, we went to Nassau, Paradise

    islands in the Bahamas. I don’t remember if the Bahamas cruise stops there

    but I remember I just wanted to get out of there! It was not fun for me. I mean I am

    not saying its not nice, its just a teens opinion. I thought there was way more entertainment

    in the Caribbean. My favorite Island was the Disney Island, Castaway Cay. But I

    think both f those stop there? I think? But I really liked the Caribbean Islands.

    Especially Grand Cayman. Key west was also nice. I remember there are like really

    Key lime pie stores in every corner! I gained 3 pounds. If your kids like to eat,

    this is really the cruise for them. But to conclude all of my extra details haha, I would

    chose the Caribbean.

    Whichever you chose, I hope you have fun!!!!!

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