Q&A: Where is a good place for 18 year olds to vacation in the bahamas?

Question by carley c: Where is a good place for 18 year olds to vacation in the bahamas?
we want to have fun and there are going to be four of us we want to drink, maybe do some waterparks, swim in the ocean, and have a great fun time we don’t want to go anywhere that they are uptight and snobby and don’t like to have fun we want to ; ) I was wondering if there is a certian party city or town or hotel or resort in the bahamaas that is good for the four of us?

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Answer by Dave
The ONLY place for you to go is Paradise Island in Nassau.

Tip- If you want to save money, stay at the Comfort Suites. It’s right next to The Atlantis and you get to use all the Atlantis facilities. Did this last year with no regrets. In fact, many people who paid $ 700/night for the Atlantis were complaining at the front desk daily- never heard one complaint in the Comfort Suites and they offer free breakfast- nice outdoor gazebo by the pool or inside. I think it is about $ 250-$ 300/night. There really is no downside. You will really like The Atlantis area- it’s just what you described. Other islands are nice but there is far less to do. Visit the website for the Atlantis and check it out. Bring your sunblock- you’ll need it!

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  • Chance says:

    Since you’re only 18, you’ll be restricted from checking in to many bahamian hotels (most allow only 21 or over).
    On Paradise Island
    You might look into Paradise Island Harbour Resort.. only a 2 star hotel.. but it’s located near Atlantis and a fun beach.

    You must be 21 to check in to Comfort Suites, but during spring break Atlantis allows 18 to check in. Atlantis has a waterpark, but keep the over the top partying to a minimum. So this may not be a good choice if you want to get a bit wild.
    If you are not staying at Atlantis, you may be able to purchase day passes for $ 120pp/ per day, but they restrict the # of passes during the spring break weeks and some days are blacked out completely.
    In Nassau:
    Breezes also allow 18 year olds to check in . This is party central during the spring break weeks and fun for drinking and partying anytime.

    There are some other hotels that allow 18.. but they are pretty run down. Nassau Palms and Quality Inn both allow 18 year olds to check in.

    Please be aware that most hotels will ask for a significant deposit at check in for those under 21.

    You should also know that most hotels charge an additional 14% resort tax and another $ 30 or so per person per nite for other taxes/ fees and surcharges.. this adds up to a significant $ $ amount. So check the fine print on all hotel websites for details.

    You can also find some party spots on Grand Bahama Island.. although I’m not very familiar on any specifics.

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