Cruise to Port Lacaya, Freeport, in the Grand Bahamas. Anyone been this year? Need info plz!?

Question by TiaRanita: Cruise to Port Lacaya, Freeport, in the Grand Bahamas. Anyone been this year? Need info plz!?
I heard the hurricane caused damage and not everything is up and running. How much is there to do while ashore? Are the shopping facilities open-International Bazaar & Market Place?

Most tourist places are expensive, but is it really off the chart expensive? I guess I am what you call a tight wad………want all the bang I can get for the buck!! Any tips on free or inexpensive things to do/see.

What about taxi’s? What are the normal rates?

What hotel or resort did you stay at? Hidden fees if any?

Port taxes?

I know these are a lot of questions, even if you can only answer one would be helpful……TIA

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Answer by Sydneyツ
well the hurricanes have damaged most of freeport(thats why i moved to florida)and u can go to the beach or u can walk around port lucaya or u can go swimming with the dolphins, or scuba diving. but the bazaar is fully closed down, so u should not go there.and if u want to be at the beach without a bunch of people u should rent a scooter or something and go east to bishops resturant..they have good food and no one is ever at the beach
and taxis r ore expensive then america because r gas prices r higher.
and right across the street from port lucaya is a beautiful hotel called our lucaya…i dont know about the hidden fees
port taxes..well we dont pay no taxes what so ever.
have fun !!
and u should go to chicken nest in west end and ask for lova and is goood

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  • Shelley L says:

    West End got hit the hardest. International Bazaar is in ruins, but Port Lucaya is up and running good as new. Great shopping, restaurants, bars etc.

    No more expensive than NYC, LA or any other major US city.

    Hotels all have 12 % resort fees, surcharges and mandatory gratuities.. .each one has it’s own set of charges.

    Taxi’s aren’t bad.. same as any other resort location.

  • Whitney S says:

    OH MY GOSH!! Don’t even waste your time in Freeport…we took a cruise there and it was awful. We wished we never had gotten off the ship, much less paid to take a taxi!

    The taxi’s were not too bad, I think they were a little more than we had expected like $ 10 a person or so but they pack people in like sardines. Port Lacaya was ok…there are places to shop but it’s all WAY over priced. I’m like you, I’m tight and I just thought it was such a waste of money to buy the stuff they had at those prices. And everyone and their mom will ask you if you want to get your hair braided. While we were there we asked where all the local people go to do their shopping and they told us they go to the states…

    There is a casino at Port Lucaya and it is really nice…I can’t remember the name but we went in there for a while. The whole Freeport area has, like you mentioned, sustained a lot of hurricane damage and while you’re in the taxi you will see buildings in the distance that look like they are nice hotels…like fairly new and then you will drive by them and see that they are abandoned and completely overgrown..It’s actually quite sad.

    Not trying to be down about Freeport, but we had heard before we even got off the boat it was a waste of time, and we truly found that out for ourselves.

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