Has anyone heard of Sunnybahamas.com?

Question by pittmantara: Has anyone heard of Sunnybahamas.com?
This is a website that offers vacations to the bahamas for 59.00 for 7days and 6 nights, they say the hotel is expecting you to spend more money at their hotel etc which is why it is so cheap. I am skeptical but would like to know if anyone else has used them or heard of them.

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  • achaholic says:

    Generally if it sounds to good to be true it is. I looked at the website and read the details. It says there are no requirements or timeshare presentations. However several reviews of the resort indicate otherwise on tripadvisor.com. Its seems like you are not required for a timeshare presentation but they do push it on you to attend one.

    Apparently the Island Palm Resort is a motel with few amenities and they try to push you toward the Island Seas which is an affiliated timeshare actually on the beach. The reviews don’t say that they booked through this website but a lot of them do mention the same Discover cruise from Ft. Lauderdale.

    The positive reviews of the resort basically state that the travelers did not except much and spent their whole day away from the “resort”. They simply used the room as a place to sleep and store their luggage. So it does not really sound like scam but it seems like it may be a crap shoot on whether it will be an enjoyable vacation.


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