Q&A: are there any karaoke bars on the Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas, [areas below]?

Question by ash: are there any karaoke bars on the Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas, [areas below]?
Looking for a Karaoke Bar located in the Bahamas, on the Grand Bahama Island, near the International Bizarre and/or near Old Bahama Bay Hotel.

going there for my honeymoon. also, what is the best bar [ give approximate price ; and quality ] and the cheapest bar [ price and quality ] or just any bars you recommend [ again, price and quality.

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Answer by All Inclusive Blog
There is a bar called Illusions with Karaoke on Thurs and Fri nights.

Sea Horse Road
Port Lucaya Marketplace
Freeport, Grand Bahama Island
Phone: +1 242 373 8576

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Bahamas National Arts Festival Grand Bahama 2011

National Arts Festival Grand Bahama 2011 MUSIC
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This is from my last trip to Port Lucaya, Grand Bahama Island in the Bahamas. If you have never been there….. GO!!! Captained a boat named “Pane in the Glass”. A 44′ Sea Ray Sundancer. Flat Seas going over and back. Weather Hot but what do you expect in the Bahamas!!!! If you Ever Need A Captain, contact me at
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Royal Bahamas Police Force Band

2011 Pelican Point Coconut Festival, Grand Bahama
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My wife and I want to go to the Bahamas next January. Should we stay on Grand Bahama Island or New Providence?

Question by Failure to communicate: My wife and I want to go to the Bahamas next January. Should we stay on Grand Bahama Island or New Providence?
How is the weather in January/February? Should we go with an all inclusive or not?

Thanks in advance!

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Answer by Avdhesh
Prefer on Abaco island, i know a resort there its, hope you find the information useful.


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Are there any topless or nude beaches around Nassau or Grand Bahama Island in the Bahamas?

Question by Jessica: Are there any topless or nude beaches around Nassau or Grand Bahama Island in the Bahamas?
We are going on a cruise to the Bahamas and my boyfriend wants to know if there are any nude or topless beaches around where we are docked?

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Answer by 49er fanatic
I took a vacation to the islands a couple years ago and I can tell you that there aren’t any specified nude beaches, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t people on the beaches completely naked. There were several of the beaches we visited with naked people all around. They weren’t specified as nude beaches, but they don’t really enforce any nudity laws. The xanadu resort on the grand bahama island was probably were we saw the most nudity. Hope this helps. You will have a great time and it is Absolutely beautiful there. (not just the women either)

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Grand Bahama and Treasure Cay in the Bahamas?

Question by K: Grand Bahama and Treasure Cay in the Bahamas?
I’m going in April for 6 days to first Treasure Cay for 3 days, then taking a ferry to Grand Bahama Island. I would like to know more about how the islands differ and also I’m wondering what the weather will be like (temperature, etc.) and about how many other people will be on each island. Also how nice are the beaches?

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Answer by ♥sчdnєч
well treasure cay is more relaxing and not so crowded like freeport. and treasure cay has improved since the hurricanes but freeport hasn’t. and it should be in the 80’s or 90’s in april. and freeport is very populated and treasure cay isn’t. the beaches are great in treasure cay and in freeport.

also if you go to freeport go to the beach out east , or ask someone to take u by bishop’s beach cause there is no one there and it is so beautiful.

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Dolphin Dive Grand Bahamas Unexso

This was a very cool dive with Unexso out of Grand Bahamas

Grand Bahamas Shark Dive Unexso

This was an amazing trip to Grand Bahamas. We did a shark dive, dolphin dive, night dive and Theos wreck. Unexso was very organized and had videos produced within minutes of docking.
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Grand Bahamas Island: Father’s Day and SCUBA, Skip The Tie

Grand Bahamas Island: Father’s Day and SCUBA, Skip The Tie

Father’s Day is coming and this is no secret, so if you want to get dad a tie or a book that is OK, but why not treat him to something that he will remember and treasure for years to come. If the dad in your life is a diver then The Grand Bahamas Island is a great location for SCUBA divers of all experience levels. The Island is a SCUBA divers paradise, with three reef levels to dive, the Shallow Reef, the mid level reef and a deep reef, divers can enjoy a plethora of diving while visiting Grand Bahamas Island.  A Bahamas vacation that includes diving on the fantastic reef off the Coast of Grand Bahamas Island is one you will surely remember for a long time to come.  And if you have children, no worries because snorkeling is also a spectacular way to see the underwater sights too.

Grand Bahamas Island has a broad shallow bank that extends off the shore of the island which is bordered by a shallow barrier reef.  Once beyond the shallow barrier reef, there is a gradual drop-off that extends into the ocean that plunges to two thousand feet.

What makes the reef off the Coast of Grand Bahamas Island so fabulous for divers is the shallow waters provide food that supports the reef population while the torrent of clear water from the deep water provides great visibility.


The Shallow Reef is full of colorful fish and coral that are about 10-12 feet down and runs the length of the islands south shore.  It’s a great place for novice divers to get experience with their equipment and still see a spectacular reef.  There are four well known shallow reef sites on Grand Bahamas Island, Silver Reef, Sanctuary Reef, Treasure Reef and Fish Farm.

The second Reef line goes to about 50-60 feet deep.  This reef is made up of scattered coral heads that rise up from a sandy bottom.   This depth and location provides a nice dive, with lots to explore, both in the sand, the marine life on the coral and looking under the rocks.  Sites at this depth include Angel Camp, Badger and The Chamber.

The Deep Reef line ranges from about 60ft -90ft. deep and like the shallow reef it’s a solid reef mass that runs the length of the island.  There are some places where the surge channels have overgrown and formed into a complex maze of canyons and tunnels that you can explore.  However, given the depth and the canyons and tunnels only experienced divers will be allowed on the deep reefs.  The most popular deep reef sites include Gail’s Grotto, Littlehale’s Lair, and Pygmy Caves.

Grand Bahamas Island boasts the world’s longest cave and cavern system. Visibility of over 200 feet is an everyday treat in the turquoise waters of the Bahamas. It’s no wonder that the Bahamians consider their islands the Dive Capital of the World.

And for those who are less adventurous or for the kids there are plenty of snorkeling excursions too.  The concierge at resorts can recommend the best trips and best prices. Travelers who book an all inclusive vacation package will find that snorkling equipment is often included as an bonus to guests. And for those land lubbers there are always glass bottom boats to enjoy the sights or simply enjoy the beautiful beaches on the Grand Bahamas Islands, they are well maintained, clean and simply gorgeous.

The Bahamas is truly a hidden gem for divers, often divers think of the Great Barrier Reef as the best diving in the world, however, with five  percent of the Earth’s coral found in the Bahamas, there is more coral here than on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.  When planning your next vacation, think about a Bahamas vacation that includes some fantastic diving, it’s a place not to be missed.

Emma Adams provides advice and recommendations on vacation packages, cheap  Bahamas vacations, all-inclusive vacation packages to all the Bahamas Islands, and travels extensively to the Bahamas learning about the resorts and things to do. offers the best travel deals to the Bahamas has a unique service of a personal travel consultant to help determine the best resort package available.

Justin Forney of Team Georgia Bulldogs singles to leftfield for an RBI vs Team Grand Bahamas

Justin Forney of Team Georgia Bulldogs singles to left-field for an RBI vs Team Grand Bahamas during MJBL World Series in Orlando, FL on July 28
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