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Does anyone know about a company representing themselves as Caribbean Cruise Lines?

Question by jump4joy: Does anyone know about a company representing themselves as Caribbean Cruise Lines?
Yesterday I got a call from an 800 number asking me to complete a 3 question survey on my political views that would qualify me for a free 3 day, 2 night cruise for two to Grand Bahama Island. As soon as the survey was completed I was transferred to Caribbean Cruise Lines and the agent told me all he needed was my credit card number to pay port fees and taxes in the amount of $ 59 per person to register me for the free cruise, and there would be no further charges. Later that afternoon, I researched the company and it turns out this is a high pressure sales company, not an actual cruise line, and they have had over 1000 complaints against them…just warning everyone DO NOT make the mistake I did, as they do not disclose everything in the sales pitch and you will be disappointed to find out they want additional money for fuel when you board, and it may be tied to attending a lengthy sales presentation that they don’t tell you about until after your card is charged.

Best answer:

Answer by Reptile Brain
WOW.. another SUCKER bites the dust. I was starting to woner why the something for nothing crowd had not asked about these ‘free’ cruises for almost 2 weeks now. simplyh put.. YOU DIDN’T WIN SH*T

It IS a free ‘cruise” if you want to call it that.. the ship is an old, converted North Sea Car Ferry and it’s filled with some of the best BOILER ROOM SALESMEN in the Business. If you are stupid enough to take the trip you will contantly be bombarded with offer to buy wharever it is they are selling.. condos in Panama or GOLD or cheap STOCKS or TIME SHARES… and it’s constant.

The people who take that ‘free cruise’ look like the same losers you see in any Casino.. sitting there feeding the slots.. FAT, WHITE and NOT TOO BRIGHT.. and the typical something for nothing Americans the whole world hates. When that ship docks and the people leave, it looks like an International convention of white trash has just come to town

If you REALLY want to take a cruise.. then pick the cruiseline of your choice and the ship of your choice that offers what you want and goes to a place where you want to go and BUY the trip.. it will be cheaper than that ‘FREE” trip you ‘won’

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About Traveling to the Bahamas…?

Question by Fizzy5xx: About Traveling to the Bahamas…?
I already have another 2 questions about the Bahamas but I have another! Is there a boat or ferry between the islands? I would like to stay on Nassau but my family is unable to fly. I live in New Hampshire. I know there is a boat to Grand Bahama Island from Florida, but I need a way to get to Nassau from there. I am going to stay there 5 days, but I don’t mind having to travel for a few days. I am allowing 2-3 days travel there, and 2-3 days travel back and 5 days in between. And advice is appreciated

Best answer:

Answer by Shelley L
The answer here is NO. There are no ferries between Nassau and Grand Bahamas Island.

There’s a mailboat that goes 2x a week (this would not be helpful since you’re only staying 5 days) and the mailboat takes 9 hours to travel one way. You would just get to Nassau and have to turn around later that same evening for another 9 hour ride.

Why is your family unable to fly??? is it more that they are unwilling to fly??

here’s the info for the mailboat.
M/V Fiesta Mailboat – Port Authority
Phone: 242-393-2628
Phone: 242-393-1064

Don’t trust posted schedules.. call them.. the schedules change week to week. Day to day.

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Humane Society of Grand Bahama – About us

Sunrise says “Thank you”….

Diving with Bottlenose Dolphins off Grand Bahama
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Q&A: I am going to the Bahamas next week. We are staying at The Grand Bahama, Sheraton. Anyone know anything about?

Question by sundayschool: I am going to the Bahamas next week. We are staying at The Grand Bahama, Sheraton. Anyone know anything about?

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Answer by MomSezNo
You can see what past guests thought at TripAdvisor.com.

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Info about Buggy rentals in Freeport – Grand Bahama Island?

Question by – £ûï§ –: Info about Buggy rentals in Freeport – Grand Bahama Island?

I need contact info (e-mail, website or phone) in order to book a Buggy Rental in Freeport, GBI.

I found http://www.bahamabuggies.com/, however bookings are no longer supported online, email address is broken and phone numbers does not respond 🙁

Please help!

Thank you.

Best answer:

Answer by ♥sчdnєч
im not sure if they even have buggies in freeport anymore


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Q&A: I’m about to go to go on vacation to Grand Bahama, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. Where should I SCUBA?

Question by renman: I’m about to go to go on vacation to Grand Bahama, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. Where should I SCUBA?
My vacation starts the first week in July. Where should I SCUBA dive (specifically) and with which companies? Grand Cayman and Cozumel I only have one day (as a port of call from my cruise). I have 4 days on Grand Bahama so several spots would be great. Give me as much info as you have…

Best answer:

Answer by navyhm1983
ALL that is it !!! There is one thing about the caribbean and that is the water !!!

You can see 90 feet down and look at the things on the bottom. The water is just that clear.

The Fish, coral, etc. It’s like being in an aquarium.


The barracuda are plentiful and do not bother you because they know that you are way to big for them to eat.

BUT. if they see that little something shiney with you they will go for it.


The food they normally eat (fish) are small and shiney. They don’t know the difference between a shiney ring or a shiney fish…

And the cuda’s are extremely fast. you won’t even see them and then they are there.

I have pictures of them as they swam with us. and they are awesome…

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