Moving to Lucaya, any advice or information?

Question by Ashley_R: Moving to Lucaya, any advice or information?
I am moving to Lucaya in October with my husband and our baby daughter. I am having a very hard time finding information other than tourist type info. I would like to know how different from the US is it. Do they have US restaurants and shops? Do they have malls and movie theaters? How difficult and expensive is it to buy a car? What types of grocery stores do they have? What about Doctors and hospitals? Any help that I can get would be so greatly appreciated.

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Answer by Lolita
Do they have electricity and running water too?

Oh great!

That second link is pathetic!

Just what you needed huh, lol?

Good luck to you & your family!

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Traveling to the Bahamas. Need advice?

Question by nite_angelica: Traveling to the Bahamas. Need advice?
I’ve never been, so please excuse my ignorance if anything is incorrect.

We want to go to one of the Bahama islands, and we are considering June. I was looking online and a site said that it is considered “tacky” to wear beach wear (shorts, tshirts, etc) to anyplace other than the beach. It also said that casinos and nicer restaurants require for the men to wear a jacket and the women to dress appropriately. Here are my questions:

1. Are there islands other than Nassau and Grand Bahama (maybe I’m wrong on the Grand Bahama). We have to dress up every day and are looking for a casual beach environment. Shorts, tshirts, flip flops, etc. Is this not the destination for us?

2. How is the best way to get there? We don’t want to take a cruise. Maybe stay in Florida and take a boat over to stay for 2 or 3 days?

Thanks for any input.

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Answer by ImaHarper
You don”t have to “dress up”, but if you are barely covered, you will be considered tacky.
Shorts, NOT short shorts are acceptable with a casual shirt most places, long, light weight cotton pants & skirts will help keep you from sun burn. Capri length pants can keep you from burning the back of your legs on a too hot seat. If you aren’t at the beach or by the pool, cover up. I take a t-shirt cotton dress to pull on over my swim suit.

Here is what the Atlantis resort says
Most restaurants do not have a specific dress code. However guests are asked to wear cover- ups in public areas such as restaurants and hotel lobbies. Fine dining restaurants, bars and nightlife venues do not allow flip flops, shorts or hats.

I take a crinkle cotton long skirt, my jeweled sandals & my fancy pedicure & I’m good to go anywhere. Guyaberas or Hawaiian style shirts are acceptable just about anywhere. Ignore the fanciest places & relax.

You can fly or take a ferry from Florida

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Going to Grand Bahama Island – any advice?

Question by brianwsmith: Going to Grand Bahama Island – any advice?
My fiancé and I will be going to Freeport, Bahama for our honeymoon next year. Does anyone have any suggestions on things to do, places to visit, restaurants, etc?

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Answer by David W
Sunscreen. Buy all-inclusive and don’t worry about the other stuff.

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