How far away is FreePort, Bahamas, to Paradise Island, Bahamas?

Question by angelinaguerin23: How far away is FreePort, Bahamas, to Paradise Island, Bahamas?
Hello I’m trying to find out how far these two islands are. My sister is going to stay in Freeport, but I think she’d have lots of fun in, Aquaventure at Atlantis Paradise Island. So if they are NOT close to each other at all. Are there any other theme parks/ amusement parks that are in FreePort, or not far from it? I’m talking about a big fun place, not a small cheesy place. PLEASE email me asap.

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Answer by stella39
No Freeport is not that close to Nassau/Paradise Island. It’s about 90 miles away. Here is a link to a map

Freeport does not have a resort like Atlantis. It’s a different type of island. Sorry. But here is a link to fun things to do on Grand Bahama Island.

You might want to suggest to her if it’s not to late to split her vacation 4 days in Freeport and 3 days in Paradise Island. Paradise Island is expensive and so is Atlantis.

The only way to get from Freeport to Nassau is to fly. I think it’s a 30 minute flight.

Good Luck to your sister, I’m sure she will have a great time even if she doesn’t get to Atlantis.)

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