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Cruise vacation excursion help! Horseback riding?

Question by Can: Cruise vacation excursion help! Horseback riding?
So I am going on a cruise which stops first at grand Bahama island, then Nassau, then great stirrup cay….

i wanted to try the horseback riding at grand Bahama, apparently you go through the water and stuff, which is a dream but… I have only been on a horse once or twice

i am not scared of the horse, i am scared of being sore after for the rest of my trip. i have heard that horseback riding can make you sore , and i dont want to be sore the rest of my vaca. reviews seem good online, any advice though?

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Answer by phantom_of_valkyrie
If you are in reasonably good shape, you would only be sore the next day. Like any workout shore excursion really, like kayaking or hiking.

However the shore excursions are really tame. Like these horses are all trained to walk in the same order, one behind the next. Horseback riding gets you sore hwen you are using your legs to control the horse–squeezing to make it go right, left, canter, trot. Your horse will not do any of these. He will just walk. So therefore it’s more like using the muscles to just sit upright on something that is much larger than you are used to. The biggest thing is when you first get off a horse you are sorta stuck with that cowboy walk for a bit.

Like I said, if you are in reasonably decent shape, I can’t imagine being sore at all. And no chance of it for more than one day.

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