How far is Grand Bahama From florida? How long does it take to get there on Holiday Cruise line?

Question by John: How far is Grand Bahama From florida? How long does it take to get there on Holiday Cruise line?

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Answer by Anja H
I went on cruise ships from Port Everglades to Freeport in 4 hours – but this was when the ship goes to Dry Dock and they want to get there fast. While on a cruise, they will cruise all night and get to port the next morning.

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Q&A: Is there a ferry/water taxi from Florida to Bahamas? Don’t want a cruise…?

Question by kjw02f: Is there a ferry/water taxi from Florida to Bahamas? Don’t want a cruise…?
…I literally just want to get from Florida to the Bahamas. I am staying with some friends once I arrive so no cruise suggestions please. I don’t care if I am cramped. I just want the cheapest way to get to the Bahamas. Thanks!

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Answer by D J
Cheapest way? FLY!

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Florida & Grand Bahama Cruise 2013-Display

Slide show of our week on our “free” not so free cruise to the Bahamas and fun in Florida. 🙂 Fun with Claudette Hilliard….Sis in Laws on the lose!

Rocket Launch in Florida viewed from Ocean in Grand Bahama

On our way home from tuna fishing on 24th May 2013 we were on our way home from tuna fishing and seen the most amazing thing…..A rocket launch from NASA. W…
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Flight Simulator FSX Narrated Florida Tour KGNV (Gainesville) to MYGF (Grand Bahama Int)

Here are some highlights of a flight from Gainesville, FL KGNV to Grand Bahama, Int MYGF. On my departure from GNV I flew east to the coast and then followed…
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Norwegian Gem Mar 21, 2009 7-Day Bahamas & Florida Round-trip New York?

Question by ♥Nubian♥: Norwegian Gem Mar 21, 2009 7-Day Bahamas & Florida Round-trip New York?
Anyone else going sign the Roll Call @ CruiseCritic.com
7-Day Bahamas & Florida Round-trip New York

Ship:Norwegian Gem
Embarkation:Mar 21, 2009
Disembarkation:Mar 28, 2009
Embarkation port:New York City
Ports of call: New York City; Orlando (Port Canaveral); Great Stirrup Cay; Nassau; Grand Bahama Island

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Answer by Ben Dover
No, not going. I had a really bad experience with NCL, and I’m never cruising with them again.

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What are free/inexpensive things to do in South Florida?

Question by occali2006: What are free/inexpensive things to do in South Florida?
I am coming to Fort Lauderdale with my 2 teens (will also stay 2 nights on grand bahama island – Freeport). July 30 – Aug 3. What can we do that is free or inexpensive?
We will also visit Orlando and I will get Disney tickets.
I wanted them to swim with dolphins, but it is expensive.
We are bringing our own snorkel gear.
We will have a rental car.

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Answer by Cosmetologist07
For free… enjoy the beautiful beaches!
The National Parks are inexpensive and beautiful too, in most you can grill, fish and sometimes rent a canoo to further explore, or bikes or segways. F.i. check out the Hugh Taylor Birch park in Ft Lauderdale.
On a rainy day, you can also go the malls (f.i. the Sawgras Mills) and allow each person a small amount of money (like 10-20 dollars) to spend as they want, then meet again at the food court a few hours later and see what they could find.
To swim with dolphins for less money than in Miami Seaquarium, there´s a place on Isla Morada on the way to Key West, called Theater of the Sea. They also offer very nice shows, like a small Seaworld but I was surprised at how much fun I had, I expected much less. And the entrance of course is much less! Check this link: http://www.theaterofthesea.com/dolphin.swim.htm
If you want to know more things to do around South Florida please visit my blog www.floridasunnyday.blogspot.com
Have fun!

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What are the car seat laws in Bahamas, buses in Florida or how to I get around?

Question by chipdoo: What are the car seat laws in Bahamas, buses in Florida or how to I get around?
More specific:
My family and I and some friends are going on a cruise soon to Florida, then Nassau Bahamas and Grand Bahama Island.
We want to book excursions, but we all have 1 son each couple, at about 2 years old each.
How do we get around? I don’t want to hold him on my lap for obvious reasons in the car.
We want to get from the ship to 1 other place and back at each location but I’m seeing issues here.
The cruise line couldn’t even answer me!!!

Any opinions?
Thanks !!

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Answer by dancingcatfrog
Thousands of parents face fines of up to £500 because of widespread confusion about new child-seat laws which come into effect from next Monday.

Those whose children are aged up to 11 must be properly strapped in to an appropriate child or booster seat.

Yet polls show that up to two out of three parents haven’t got to grips with the new laws which will affect them if they carry their – or anyone else’s children – in their car.

And some expert groups are even calling on the Government to delay the introduction of the new rules – brought in so that the Uk complies with an EU directive – until ministers have cleared up the ‘muddle’.

From Monday, nearly every child under the age of 12 will have to use an approved child restraint while travelling in a car – unless they are more than 4ft 5 inches (135cm tall).

Parents who refuse to co-operate – or are unable to persuade their children to sit on a booster seat – will face fines.

Police have the power to hand out £30 on the spot fines to those parents spotted breaking the law. But parents whose cases reach court face fines of up to £500.

The only exception will be motorists who can show they are reacting to a one-off ‘unforeseen emergency’, such as a trip to the doctors or hospital, or arguably having a child foisted on them unexpectedly for a short trip; children travelling in a licensed taxi; or if there are three children in a car with two child seats and there is no room for a third. In the front seat, a child seat must always be used. But use of rear-facing restraints are prohibited where there is an front active air-bag.

Ministers say changes will prevent 2,000 child injuries and deaths every year. But critics say the rules – like those for mobile phones- will be difficult or troublesome to enforce. Many parents will also inadvertently find themselves breaking the law.

The Department of Transport said it believed police would take a ‘common sense approach’ to the new rules.

But policing could vary widely from area to area, from hard-line to a a softly-softly approach.

A DfT Spokesman said:’Enforcement of the law is a matter for the police and we are sure they will adopt a common-sense approach.’

The Department for transport said the new law did provide an exemption for parents faced with an ‘unexpected necessity’ – for example, a parent asking a friend without a spare child restraint to pick up their child from school at short notice.

A spokesman said:’There is an exemption for a child of 3 years or more to wear an adult belt on a short journey when no appropriate child seat is available.

‘The exemption is not intended to cover regular school runs or other journeys that are planned in advance.’

The new EU rules, now enshrined into UK law, are far more explicit that the rules they replace.

From Monday, children aged two or less can travel in the front or back of a car only with a European Union safety approved child seat.

From their third birthday, they must use a child restraint in the rear seats if the car has seat belts.

Children aged four to six must have a suitable booster seat. Those between six and 12, or up to a height of 4ft 5 ins (135cm) must have a booster cushion. These booster seats and cushions, costing between £10 and £30, raise the child to a height where the seatbelt crosses the correct part of their chest, to reduce injury to a child’s soft tissues in the event of a collision.

Baby seats, child seats, booster seats and booster cushions are defined by the weight of the child and their approximate age range.

The new rules are a dramatic change from existing law which effectively covers only children under the age of three sitting in the front of a car. All other categories of children have, until now, been covered by a clause which says children aged 11 or under must be in a child seat ‘if this is available.’

This means that no crime has been committed unless a child seat is fitted and the child is not using it.

Latest figures show 42 children aged under 11 were killed while travelling in cars, 708 were seriously injured and 9,766 slightly injured.

Pat Harris, director of child safety group BUSK said:’These new laws are confusing many parents. They are not as clear as they could be. We believe ministers should delay their introduction.’

Research by Churchill Insurance says two thirds of parents are ignorant of the new law believing, wrongly, that children won’t need a child seat after the age of seven.

A survey by Vauxhall showed 1 in 3 mums being completely unaware of the new law. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents said parents must familiarise themselves with the new rules:’This law will make children much safer in cars.’

Road safety minister Stephen Ladyman said:’Children are not small adults. Making sure that they keep using child-seats and boosters until they are 4ft 5 inches in height will mean that they are properly secured for their own safety.’

The Local Government Association said council officers will be out in force to help parents familiarise themselves with the new rules

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ferry from florida to grand bahama island?

Question by Mark Clancy: ferry from florida to grand bahama island?
can anyone help me on information relation to the cheapest ferry from anywhere in florida to the grand bahama island, or any of the bahama islands. i do not want a cruise just a one way boat ride.

im just looking fot the cheapest way, i wud swim if i cud. i have tried googling it but all i get is cruise offers for a week or so, i just want a boat ride one way

Best answer:

Answer by Grouper Groaper
There is no ‘CHEAPEST’. there is onlyy ONE and It’s an on again off again operation.. I have heard it’s operating again but you wiil just have to check it out. You people always want CHEAP so you may try going to the many MARINAS in Fort Lauderdale and other Florida ports and see if you can hitch a ride on a pleasure boat going that way. You won’t be able to take a CRUISE SHIP just ONE WAY and to do it YOUR WAY youu MUST have a PASSPORT.. you do know that.. right?

Caribbean ferry boat guide


Caribbean interisland ferry Boats

Howard Family Island Ferry


Trinidad to Tobago boat

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