Junkanoo Beach Club?

Question by roxyimroxy: Junkanoo Beach Club?
Does any one have any information on Junkanoo Beach Club on Grand Bahama Island? Specifically, where it is located, are there entrance fees, what amenities does the beach club offer? I will be in Freeport on a cruise in September and was thinking of going there. I have been unable to find any information anywhere on this establishment. Thank you.

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Answer by J B
All I know is that it is in Freeport.
I found this website but it seems like it would b difficult to navigate.

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I am going on a cruise to Bahama’s- Grand Bahama Island. Has anyone been to Junkanoo Beach Club? Opinions?

Question by tj811: I am going on a cruise to Bahama’s- Grand Bahama Island. Has anyone been to Junkanoo Beach Club? Opinions?
We want to go to a beach while there. It’s $ 64 for the excursion, is it worth it??

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Answer by kelby7670
No excursion on any cruise is “worth it”. If it sounds like something you’d like to do then just do it. Hang the expense. You’re on vacation.

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Majestic Crusaders New Years 2011 Grand Bahama Junkanoo

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Grand Bahama’s Best Ever Summer Junkanoo Festival 2008

Grand Bahama Island – It’s the second year that Junkanoo Summer Festival has been celebrated in its new location at Taino Beach, loaded with family fun and excited, all mixed with authentic Bahamian culture and entertainment each Thursday night in July. This year’s Festival was the best yet! In this exclusive video The Bahamas Weekly gives you a kaleidescope view of activities throughout the Festival and brings comments by Ministry of Tourism representatives on Grand Bahama Island, specifically that of Betty Bethel, General Manager, Business Development, and Jeritzan Outten , Sr. Director, Product Development. Also included are many comments from visiting tourists. The Thursday night Heritage & Street Festival colourfully displays the traditional cultural elements of cuisine, arts & crafts, nature trail tours, music, including JUNKANOO rush out. National and local artists like Elon Moxey,Terez Hepburn, Jay Mitchell, Ronnie Butler, The Defense Force Band, Lil Joe Cartwright, and many others performed weekly. The Junkakids Korner will provide kids an opportunity to interact with each other while learning how to paste costumes and play heritage games. Visitors and Bahamians alike engaged in “Bush Tea” Tasting after a tour of the nature trail situated at Taino Beach, lined with local shrubs and trees, labeled with their beverage and medicinal purposes.

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