Cruise to Port Lacaya, Freeport, in the Grand Bahamas. Anyone been this year? Need info plz!?

Question by TiaRanita: Cruise to Port Lacaya, Freeport, in the Grand Bahamas. Anyone been this year? Need info plz!?
I heard the hurricane caused damage and not everything is up and running. How much is there to do while ashore? Are the shopping facilities open-International Bazaar & Market Place?

Most tourist places are expensive, but is it really off the chart expensive? I guess I am what you call a tight wad………want all the bang I can get for the buck!! Any tips on free or inexpensive things to do/see.

What about taxi’s? What are the normal rates?

What hotel or resort did you stay at? Hidden fees if any?

Port taxes?

I know these are a lot of questions, even if you can only answer one would be helpful……TIA

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Answer by Sydneyツ
well the hurricanes have damaged most of freeport(thats why i moved to florida)and u can go to the beach or u can walk around port lucaya or u can go swimming with the dolphins, or scuba diving. but the bazaar is fully closed down, so u should not go there.and if u want to be at the beach without a bunch of people u should rent a scooter or something and go east to bishops resturant..they have good food and no one is ever at the beach
and taxis r ore expensive then america because r gas prices r higher.
and right across the street from port lucaya is a beautiful hotel called our lucaya…i dont know about the hidden fees
port taxes..well we dont pay no taxes what so ever.
have fun !!
and u should go to chicken nest in west end and ask for lova and is goood

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