Does anyone know about a company representing themselves as Caribbean Cruise Lines?

Question by jump4joy: Does anyone know about a company representing themselves as Caribbean Cruise Lines?
Yesterday I got a call from an 800 number asking me to complete a 3 question survey on my political views that would qualify me for a free 3 day, 2 night cruise for two to Grand Bahama Island. As soon as the survey was completed I was transferred to Caribbean Cruise Lines and the agent told me all he needed was my credit card number to pay port fees and taxes in the amount of $ 59 per person to register me for the free cruise, and there would be no further charges. Later that afternoon, I researched the company and it turns out this is a high pressure sales company, not an actual cruise line, and they have had over 1000 complaints against them…just warning everyone DO NOT make the mistake I did, as they do not disclose everything in the sales pitch and you will be disappointed to find out they want additional money for fuel when you board, and it may be tied to attending a lengthy sales presentation that they don’t tell you about until after your card is charged.

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Answer by Reptile Brain
WOW.. another SUCKER bites the dust. I was starting to woner why the something for nothing crowd had not asked about these ‘free’ cruises for almost 2 weeks now. simplyh put.. YOU DIDN’T WIN SH*T

It IS a free ‘cruise” if you want to call it that.. the ship is an old, converted North Sea Car Ferry and it’s filled with some of the best BOILER ROOM SALESMEN in the Business. If you are stupid enough to take the trip you will contantly be bombarded with offer to buy wharever it is they are selling.. condos in Panama or GOLD or cheap STOCKS or TIME SHARES… and it’s constant.

The people who take that ‘free cruise’ look like the same losers you see in any Casino.. sitting there feeding the slots.. FAT, WHITE and NOT TOO BRIGHT.. and the typical something for nothing Americans the whole world hates. When that ship docks and the people leave, it looks like an International convention of white trash has just come to town

If you REALLY want to take a cruise.. then pick the cruiseline of your choice and the ship of your choice that offers what you want and goes to a place where you want to go and BUY the trip.. it will be cheaper than that ‘FREE” trip you ‘won’

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Norwegian Cruise Lines?

Question by Can: Norwegian Cruise Lines?
I have cruised before with Royal Caribbean. I am thinking about booking with NCL, the cruise is Miami, Grand Bahama Island, Nassau and then great stirrup cay. Any cruisers out there who could give me some tips for NCL or reviews? My ship is Norwegian Sky…

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Answer by phantom_of_valkyrie
Personally I hate NCL and would never use them again. But for you–what did you like about RC? What did you not like? Norwegian is different. The freestyle dining means you won’t eat with the same people at night. You’ll have to sign up to eat like at a restaurant which means at the key times (6-7) there will be a wait just like at a normal restaurant at home.

Norwegian’s shore excursions are less athletic. The spa is not as nice. The general clientele is older and there are fewer kids on board.

So just think about what you liked about RC. If you thought it had too many kids and you hated the tablemates, then perhaps NCL is for you. If you looked forward to talking to your people each night and finding out what they did in each port–in my case I love the interaction with my tablemates–then NCL is probably not the right line.

Read the reviews on cruise A lot of those are from people who really love it and are frequent NCL cruisers. They can give you a really good perspective on what makes NCL different. Though in my opinion, it is a bad different.

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