Q&A: is there nightlife on andros island bahamas?

Question by : is there nightlife on andros island bahamas?
im looking for somewhere to go on my honeymoon.. im looking to go Bahamas… but i read Nassau & Paradise island is expensive. so i was looking into other islands… i want somewhere that has night life and somewhere we can go clubbing if we want to…

please help. i need people to tell me from their own experience because when i read on the internet it gives me different answers

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Answer by Matty
There may be bars in Andros, but i am sure there are no clubs. I live in Abaco, another out island (the third most populated). There are no clubs, fast food restaurants, or theatres. Nassau and Freeport (the second most populated island) are really the only ones with these things. My friend who transferred from Andros said that there was a McDonald’s. The out-islands are a lot more remote and scenic. More nature. Honeymoons here would be more relaxing and tranquil. It would be great if you were into that sort of thing, but if you were looking for more of a club and restaurant scene Nassau or Grand Bahama would be better. Andros is the largest island, but not the most active. The government always encourages tourists to go to out-islands, away from the big city.

you can go on this website for more information.

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Which part of Bahamas is the best for nightlife?

Question by shadowsjc: Which part of Bahamas is the best for nightlife?
I’m looking to take a trip with my girlfriend (shes 21, I’m 23) to the Bahamas. Neither of us have ever been there before. I know that the beaches there are nice, but is any one particular place/island better in terms of nightlife (bars, clubs, etc.)… Grand Bahama or Nassau? Thanks

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Answer by ktrips83
atlantis in nassau!

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