Norwegian Gem Mar 21, 2009 7-Day Bahamas & Florida Round-trip New York?

Question by ♥Nubian♥: Norwegian Gem Mar 21, 2009 7-Day Bahamas & Florida Round-trip New York?
Anyone else going sign the Roll Call @
7-Day Bahamas & Florida Round-trip New York

Ship:Norwegian Gem
Embarkation:Mar 21, 2009
Disembarkation:Mar 28, 2009
Embarkation port:New York City
Ports of call: New York City; Orlando (Port Canaveral); Great Stirrup Cay; Nassau; Grand Bahama Island

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Answer by Ben Dover
No, not going. I had a really bad experience with NCL, and I’m never cruising with them again.

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Norwegian Cruise Lines?

Question by Can: Norwegian Cruise Lines?
I have cruised before with Royal Caribbean. I am thinking about booking with NCL, the cruise is Miami, Grand Bahama Island, Nassau and then great stirrup cay. Any cruisers out there who could give me some tips for NCL or reviews? My ship is Norwegian Sky…

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Answer by phantom_of_valkyrie
Personally I hate NCL and would never use them again. But for you–what did you like about RC? What did you not like? Norwegian is different. The freestyle dining means you won’t eat with the same people at night. You’ll have to sign up to eat like at a restaurant which means at the key times (6-7) there will be a wait just like at a normal restaurant at home.

Norwegian’s shore excursions are less athletic. The spa is not as nice. The general clientele is older and there are fewer kids on board.

So just think about what you liked about RC. If you thought it had too many kids and you hated the tablemates, then perhaps NCL is for you. If you looked forward to talking to your people each night and finding out what they did in each port–in my case I love the interaction with my tablemates–then NCL is probably not the right line.

Read the reviews on cruise A lot of those are from people who really love it and are frequent NCL cruisers. They can give you a really good perspective on what makes NCL different. Though in my opinion, it is a bad different.

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Norwegian Curise Excursions?

Question by ms992: Norwegian Curise Excursions?
I’m going on a Norwegian Cruise Line ship, the Gem, on Saturday. I have been on two other NCL ships before. The ship will be stopping at Nassau from 8 am to 1 am and Grand Bahama Island from 8 am to 3 pm. If you have gone to these places through NCL, I would extremely appreciate which shore excursions you would recommend. Thank you.

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Answer by leigha
becarfeful some of the excursions are expensive, and you are on the coach most of the time, check it out with guest services first

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Cruising to the Bahamas for Honeymoon, Norwegian Sky 4day Cruise from Miami, any reviews?

Question by Ney: Cruising to the Bahamas for Honeymoon, Norwegian Sky 4day Cruise from Miami, any reviews?
I have questions about the Ports to Grand Bahama Island , Great Stirrup Cay, and Nassau. They give you 8 hours at each port but you can’t get off the ship until 2 hours after arrival and you have to be back on the ship 2 hours before leaving the port. That cuts into activity time off the boat. Has anyone had issue with it not being enough time on land to enjoy the Islands? Any other information would be great!!

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Answer by cruiser
Go to and all your questions will be answered. You can also register and join a roll call that will include people traveling on the the same cruise with you.
Good Luck

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Norwegian or Carnival Bahama cruise?

Question by hotpinkdice00: Norwegian or Carnival Bahama cruise?
We can’t decide between the two. We’re a young couple, 25 & 26. The whole reason we’re going on the trip is as a last hurrah before my due date. I’ll be 5 months pregnant. I’ve been on a short Carnival cruise to Ensenada and he’s a first time cruiser. I wasn’t too impressed with the Ensenada cruise. We’re looking to go on a Bahamas 4 night cruise in July. Norwegian has this Freestyle Cruising which I don’t know quite understand is all about. Carnival’s itinerary is to Freeport (8AM-5PM) & Nassau (7AM-6AM) while Norwegian is to Grand Bahama Island (8AM-5PM), Nassau (8AM-6PM), & Great Stirrup Cay (8AM-5PM). We definitely don’t like snooty crowds. We’re looking for a fun relaxing time. We’d like to do a little site seeing, hit the beach, and gamble a bit. Also, we’ll also be celebrating our 3rd anniversary. HELP!

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Answer by Kavita
I cannot really speak to the Carnival cruise. But, I did take a Norwegian cruise a few years ago. It was nice. There was an optional excursion to Atlantis that was nice. I liked Great Stirrup Cay a lot. Sting Rays were in the water and we got to swim with them. I liked the restaurants and liked the fact that they had several “levels” of restaurants. There were fancier ones and even some fast food types on my ship. I liked the Mexican place. There were some interesting activities like a food carving demonstration, karaoke, and a murder mystery dinner. There was an optional formal attire event that I did not attend. No one was snooty. All in all, I had fun and would go again.

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