Shark Dive Grand Bahama

Shark Dive in Grand Bahama Oct 2007, Black Tip Reef Sharks.
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Dive at the Shark Alley/Junction Grand Bahama Island

Footage of one dive at the Shark Alley and/or Junction at the Coast of Grand Bahama. Spend some time with around 10 to 15 Caribbean Reef Sharks and a big Bla…

Grand Bahama’s Shark Dive

Shark feeding dive we participated in while on a trip to Grand Bahama. Thanks so much to the UNEXSO staff for making the dive such a success.
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Tiger Shark in Tiger Beach, Grand Bahama

Beautiful giant Tiger shark comes to swim around us in Tiger Beach, Grand Bahama.

Grand Bahama Shark Dive

Shark dive that took place February 2008 off the western shore of Grand Bahama Island.

shark feeding dive from Grand Bahama DVD

This is a segment from our DVD, Diving Grand Bahama – available at Here you can experience a hand feeding shark dive.

Q&A: what is the threat of being attacked by a shark on grand Bahama island?

Question by I like pie: what is the threat of being attacked by a shark on grand Bahama island?
I am going their soon. swimming on beaches and a little off shore snorkel not to deep
I am going their for spring break and a little swimming on beaches and some not to deep off shore scuba

Best answer:

Answer by ♥Bajan Princess♥
Based on what you say you are doing I would say it is really unlikey or should I say impossible. You will not find sharks a little off shore or close to the shore, especially when the ebach has people. You are good…I wouldnt worry if I were you!

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Historic Shark Feeding at Legends of Diving off shores of Grand Bahama Island

Sharks and more sharks: This video shot at the Legends of Diving Festival at Port Lucaya, Bahamas, in April 2009 just surfaced. Ben Rose and Christina Zenato were reunited after 22 years to feed the sharks on this historic dive. The video was shot by Dale Dervin, a divemaster and regular at Portage Quarry, the home of the Legends of Diving.
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