Where should 22/23 travel to??

Question by ozzybosox: Where should 22/23 travel to??
My friends and I want to plan a vacation for next march 2008. We are looking for places inside and outside the U.S, warm, best place for singles but not the spring break craziness, preferably all inclusive (I know there isn’t any in the US), any suggestions?

We are 22/23 just looking to go on vacation, get away from the cold(we live in Mass), and someplace that isn’t too expensive.
Thank you very much for the travel information…I will look up the info you suggested…Thanks.

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Answer by MissMo
For cheap, the Bahamas or Bermuda or Dominican Republic or Jamaica (Cancun will be crawling with spring break students in March) – I’m not sure if Boston is one of the hubs for or not but there are plenty of other sites ( or where the all inclusive resorts are listed, and comparable, easily. You can’t beat their prices!

I’ve stayed at Casa Marina Beach and Reef in Puerta Plata, Dominican Republic – great value from – and enjoyed the resort. I’m from Florida so I am very spoiled, having great diving and snorkeling right here, and I found that I would have been bored at the resort if my son hadn’t decided to get certified to dive.

I HIGHLY recommed getting certified to dive while on your holiday, if you have any interest at all.

I was married at Our Lucaya on Grand Bahama Island (Freeport), and that resort was really a treat. It has since changed hands but I understand there is now an all inclusive option that makes it a great value. There is a market/marina area right across the street from the resort, and a casino on site. The weather will be 80 degrees during the day, 70 degrees at night. It’s a fabulous time of year to visit.

The downside to the Bahamas, if you are active, is that there isn’t much culture or sites to visit. You can fish, snorkel, dive, parasail, boat, relax – but that’s the extent of the things to do.

I’ve stayed at the Rui all inclusive on Paradise Island (Nassau), Bahamas and it was great as well. Small pool, but the drinks and food being included really made it very cheap. I think since then (it’s been 3 years) the prices at this place have gone up considerably. The Rui is right next door to Atlantis – the nicest place to stay on the island. If you don’t stay at Atlantis plan to spend the money for a day pass to really enjoy the facility. Again, very few sites to see if you want to tour historical areas!

Jamaica has some ridiculously inexpensive deals, too. Go to Negril to be closest to the tourist sites. I’ve never been, although my sister stayed at “Rooms on the Beach” which was not all inclusive and she was pleased with the location and the hotel.

Cancun is another great, inexpensive option. The weather is usually fantastic and there is a great blend of things to do – all the beach and boating stuff you can do in the Bahamas, plus some interesting day trips to historical sites. If you go, make absolutely sure you buy a pub crawl/booze cruise as you cannot beat the value.

For a quieter vacation, Isla Mujeres off the coast of Cancun has some quaint rental homes and is a quick (10 minute) ferry ride from the Cancun area. There, rent a golf cart to get around the island and make sure to catch the snorkeling on the north end. There is a park, Garafon, that you can spend an entire day, maybe two, enjoying.

Travel sites like or will have deals that you can’t come close to beating, unless you are using miles or points. Sign up for the Top 20 Deals at for weekly emails of the best deals to be found for that week.

Good luck, enjoy!

Final – I research my trips at as many people post honest reviews of not only the hotels but also the tours, region, cuisine.

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Q&A: Where in the Bahamas should we go?

Question by ms c gardner: Where in the Bahamas should we go?
For my birthday in late October, some friends and I would like to go to the Bahamas for 4 days, 3 nights. Where should we go that’s inexpensive and has great beaches?

Let me know if you need more information.


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Answer by laura f
I loved Nassau Bahamas when I visited a couple of years ago. The people are so kind and the beaches are gorgeous. I stayed at the Atlantis, which is such a fun resort but can be pricy. There is a hotel right next to the Atlantis with great prices and gives you passes to use the amenities at the Atlantis everyday.

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Going to the Bahamas in 2 weeks. What restaurants should I go to.? Is kalik beer good?

Question by mgault1118: Going to the Bahamas in 2 weeks. What restaurants should I go to.? Is kalik beer good?
Staying at our lucaya resort in Freeport

Best answer:

Answer by clarity_understanding_serenity
Cool Grand bahama is beautiful. Pisces has the best Pizza, Willie Broadleaf at Our Lucaya has the best buffet. Kalik beer is good if you like beer but we have another local beer “Lucayan” and we import beer so you should be able to get your fav brand ( bud, heineken,etc.) A lot of bahamains like Guiness its very bitter. West End has the best conch salad and conch fritters it you want to try a native snack. Lucianos is a Bahamian favorite and also La Dolce Vita the best is Ferry House for International cuisine. For local flavour try Simply Native. Enjoy your visit!

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Eleuthera FAQ… What you should know about Eleuthera and The Bahamas (discover-eleuthera-bahamas)

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Q&A: Should I go to puerto Rico or bahamas?

Question by : Should I go to puerto Rico or bahamas?
I am wanting to go to the Caribbean during spring break to relax. I have found a deal for puerto Rico and the grand bahama island. Which is prettier and has better culture and things to do puerto Rico (hotel is in the fajardo area) or grand Bahama island. Nice beaches are also a plus

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Answer by Chris bernard

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I love site seeing…where should I go? Freeport Grand Bahama Island or Nassau?

Question by Alexandra: I love site seeing…where should I go? Freeport Grand Bahama Island or Nassau?
And what is there to see there? thanks
site seeings as in pretty cities, gardens, structures etc

Best answer:

Answer by chumy
Freeport Grand Bahamas, beaches and its very tropical

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Q&A: I’m about to go to go on vacation to Grand Bahama, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. Where should I SCUBA?

Question by renman: I’m about to go to go on vacation to Grand Bahama, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. Where should I SCUBA?
My vacation starts the first week in July. Where should I SCUBA dive (specifically) and with which companies? Grand Cayman and Cozumel I only have one day (as a port of call from my cruise). I have 4 days on Grand Bahama so several spots would be great. Give me as much info as you have…

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Answer by navyhm1983
ALL that is it !!! There is one thing about the caribbean and that is the water !!!

You can see 90 feet down and look at the things on the bottom. The water is just that clear.

The Fish, coral, etc. It’s like being in an aquarium.


The barracuda are plentiful and do not bother you because they know that you are way to big for them to eat.

BUT. if they see that little something shiney with you they will go for it.


The food they normally eat (fish) are small and shiney. They don’t know the difference between a shiney ring or a shiney fish…

And the cuda’s are extremely fast. you won’t even see them and then they are there.

I have pictures of them as they swam with us. and they are awesome…

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