How can i watch tv on a plane without feeling/being sick?

Question by Luke F: How can i watch tv on a plane without feeling/being sick?
Me and my family are great holiday lovers with love to go to far off destinations last year we went to honduras, belize, mexico and grand bahama most flights we took have had a tv in the headrest but when ever i watch it i feel sick and 9 times out of 10 i am physically sick sometimes on the plane it self or afterwards if i dont watch the tv i am fine but if i dont watch it im confined to being bored for 8 hours+ i used to get sick just being on a plane but as ive got older its calmed down ive tried motion sickness tablets also ive stocked my self up on ginger which was the most help as well as tasting nice i love ginger biscuits and ginger jelly sweets with real chunks of ginger in them! but none of these work for the tv and when theres a movie on that looks amazing but you cant watch it in fear you are gonna be sick its so annoying so i normally sleep resulting in stupid sleeping patterns for the first part of the holiday and probably resulting in deep vain thrombosis lol is there anything i can do to help this out?

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Answer by huckleberry
umm maybe you shouldn’t watch the tv. Try doing something else, or you can rest and just listen to the tv.

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