It's better in the Bahamas

Kyle had a blast during the final week of kindergarten.  His favorite day was Water Day, but the evening of the kindergarten musical show was pretty special too!

Wackadoo Zoo.  “Practice Makes Perfect”  (Kyle is on the far right.)

Protecting the electrical components on his wheelchair from the water wasn’t as hard as we thought it would be.

Kyle’s former physical therapist heard about water day and made sure he had a squirt gun (bottle, really) that he could use.  You can only see the fun in this photo, but what you can’t see is a cord leading from the green spray bottle to a big red button.  He would stalk his target through the playground, set up his spray bottle, and then BAM keep pressing on that big red button while his target (a teacher or other adult, usually!) got soaked while they looked around for the culprit!  Such fun!

Kyle enjoyed all of this without his sidekick, Lauren.  She missed the last two weeks of the school year due to an upper respiratory infection which resulted in pneumonia.  Four days in the ICU cleared things up, but nothing makes up for having missed the last days with her friends and classmates.  She very much loves going to school and she was looking forward to their Wackadoo Zoo musical and water day.  Instead, she was doing this:

Happily, she is home now and resting back up for a road trip to Disneyland and our annual Families of SMA conference!

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